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Caring For Gel Brushes
I have some pretty nice brushes for gel application ,both synthetic ,and sable. My problem is that I have to soften them up in alcohol first before I use them. First ,is that pretty much normal ,and second ,how do I keep them flexible and supple without them hardening like rocks ? I am afraid if I don't clean them off before and after use with alcohol ,any gel left on them will cure...any advice ? Smile
Your brushes should not harden unless exposed to UV light including sunlight. You can either start using brushes that have their own lid or put a piece of tin foil over the bristles and store them in your drawer. My station is no where near a window so I do not have a problem with brushes curing but the last place I worked at was right in the window and I was curing brushes all the time.
Gelpro, yes, the shop I work at now ,I am surrounded by windows and bright sunlight...I have purchased brush caps for all my sable acylic brushes ,never occurred to get caps for my gel brushes yet ,DUH ! Thanks for the reply , and for helping my " light bulb " come on ,lol....
I have a brush case in my drawer, i just wipe it on a clean paper towel and throw it in the case...its probably a couple of years ojd at this point...Its my fav brush..

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