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More nail art.
I cannot find an edit button so that adding this photo would be known in the other thread. So I am taking up more page space by creating a new thread. I am not sure if they can be merged.
I did these last night, all my nails, on my own, free hand work. Took me an hour.
[Image: light-1.jpg]
Good load woman! How do you get your off hand so perfect! I have nail envy right now! Oh Have you tried tried that new Polish "venique" with konad stamps? I was just thinking of that and thought of you. LOL We were talking about it in another thread. I am going to give it a 2go today and see how well it will work. Now can you upload a how too for this set of nails on face book? PLZ
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Thank you ladies. Sachi if you go to my Facebook link icon here or a few threads down in the orange you glad I did this tutorial, you will see a photo step by step. Not the best pics. But I do talk about how to do it. I am very ambidextrous. Comes in handy. Wink
SmilePeggy! They are incredible...
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beautiful colors too!
Very nice!!!!!!
I like them
Love them ! Very cool...Smile
those look phenominal!
beautiful, would love a how to =-)
super mom/super nail tech!

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