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Seat for Tech's during pedicures
Hi everyone,

What does everyone use for seats to sit on while giving pedicures. I would love something with a back to lean back on while working on the feet. I use a footsie bath the my husband is going to build me a raised platform for the clients to sit on. I would also love it to have a spot to rest the clients foot on. Any suggestions as to what I should use?

I use one of the exercise balls, the big round ones. I have used many things and always hurt in my back after getting done. since using it my back feels good and it is so comfortable.
I meant to say also they are using these balls in schools for the kids.
Pam Smith
Nails at Last Salon
[email protected]

Chinese proverb:
Women who scratch butt
should not bite fingernails!
Pibbs 982 ottoman stool for me and a leather recliner for the clients. I never lean back while doing nail services . . .
Jaime Schrabeck, Ph.D. (yes, it's real)

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