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Party nails & SOG gel Nailite, ManiQ, Gelish

I have a clients daughter coming in on Wed & she might want tips for a wedding & is a nail biter. She just wants them for the party but does not want the maintenance of them or want to wear them a long time.

Is there a SOG u recommend?
I have Mani Q, Gelish Structure & Naillite Soak off

the rest I have are hard gels LCN & Light E
I just know she would want them removed after wearing for a weak & am hesitant about using my hard gels b/c she might pick those off & not wait for them to grow off.


i would use the maniq with tips and i have heard or harmony structure with tips as long as they aren't long .
Mitchele Sheree Hunt
CND Master Painter
I've heard the same about maniQ and gelish about not being long..anyone know about nailite? I have the pink and white sog..I was wondering if maybe the nailite is stronger?
If you only intend them to last for a short time, use the tips with a thin overlay of the clear sog Mani-Q, followed by color & top coat - that way you can soak everything off. For long wear that wouldn't work as well, but for party nails I think it would be fine. She just has to know that she needs to treat them like they are fragile through the wedding.
Nail Tech/Owner
I agree, if she just wants them for the party, do them with SOG. As long as they aren't too terribly long, they should hold up fine for the party. I have repaired broken nails with tips and gelish structure/polish, and had them last the whole two weeks.
Heart Gelishly
I tried Nailite & then soaked it off..It was hell & took at least 30 min to remove (but this is the old SOG formula) But I think I am gonna use Gelish Stucture, tips & color esp. b/c I want to use my LED lamp.

I did one on my thumb and it is amazingly strong!

I glued on a tip blended & shaped, dehydrated natural nail, Gelish foundation over natural nail & tip, 1 very thin coat of Stucture, 2nd thin coat of Stucture & I tailed across stress point & built it up just to give a shape & smooth out, 2 color coats & topcoat. I did not need to file or was very easy & smooth to apply..self leavled beautifully

It looks beautiful & very natural. I can see them lasting over a week or 2 fer sure wearing them at sport leanth..

thanks for the help guys & I am excited to try this on my 2 clients tomorrow Smile

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