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Looking for Essie
My local beauty supply has stopped carring Essie since it went Walmart. Anybody know of a good on line supplier to buy from that isn't gonna charge a mint for shipping. I can't help it I just love Essie polish!
I order mine from . I found them by calling Essie (found a customer service # on their website) and they directed me to a company in my state. You may find cheaper shipping by finding someone closer, but universal companies has a whole slew of other cool stuff that you may find interesting!
Thanks I'll try them, I may call Essie directly!
I know they sell it at Target now too...Sad but, why not try ordering it on line from them ? Don't know their shipping policy ,but you may be able to get free shipping over a certain amount ,you will have to retail for your Essie though. I stopped using it...Seems everywhere you go ,our pro products are being sold now....
Essie is available at SalonCentric, as they are both part of L'Oreal.
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