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do any of u hv a Iphone, my nails are in my way
good morning my fellow techs. I dropped my by by black berry in a mud puddle, she died. I was up set and couldn't even sleep. Went next day , what do i get a droid, with a pull out key board. it is optional with key boards.but i still cannot ted on a flat screen, and yes my nails are long, s i can still return it, any advice. also it syncs my utube with it and i know that is just a setting issue.thanks,,,,love, Polished girl, Vickie Priddy Beckley wv
My sister keeps her thumb nails shorter then her other nails so she can type on her Iphone.
I have an iphone. I breifly switched to a droid with slide out and hated it. I took it back after 2 days and got another iphone, 4s. Typing is hard. I use my middle finger on the side to type. You can get pretty fast because it does not take much pressure. A new thing on the 4s is speaking your text. It works pretty good, look for the picture of the micophone at the bottom of the key board. There is also Siris, you can take care of alot of business with her without typing a thing. I also do alot of cut and paste for my client conformation calls, that works great on the iphone. I recommend you get the iphone. once you learn how to use it you won't go back.
my coworker uses her knuckles. shes been doing that since Iphone 2. She can type as quick as anyone else.
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Smile I purchased a 4S I-Phone about a month ago.. I was getting really frustrated because my nails were too long to text.. ( I refuse to cut my nails) I bought a Stylis and I am absolutley in love with it..
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I have a Samsung Galaxy s2. My nails are long now and did find the first day with my phone a little hard (I've had my phone longer than I've had my nails lol).

I have a swipe function for my keypad and its so much easier to type. I've been using it that long that when I try to use hubbys iPhone it annoys me as I can't type as fast, even when I don't have nails on.

hth Smile
I had a with a issue with snowblower eating my phone. Just a bunch of little pink pieces laying in the snow. Sad day.
I have a droid bionic now and I love it. It doesn't have keys just a screen and I use the voice feature that works well and I also use the swipe feature. It's had to adjust to a new one.
They also have a case with a keyboard for iphones. I use a stylus on mine.
I use a Stylus also....I bought my first one thru Wal Mart, cost nearly $15. I found them in bulk packages on eBay, and have been selling them to my clients who love them! They're also great for the Kindle Fire......
I have an iPhone, but my nails must not be long enough, because I don't have any problem typing on it Wink
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