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Which backfill method do you find to be fastest with the crispest deep smiles ( by deep I mean not straight across ,hate those ) I love doing the reverse because of the look they give when finished ,but that and the Lammers Method , seem to take me forever ! An hour fifteen seems to be my fastest ,but that is the traditional way ,and I am not always happy with the results. Have been trying some of the timing tips I have gotten from here ,but just was curious to see which method seems to be fastest for all of you over all....Smile
I never do reverse. I guess for me, when I try and when I watch it on tutorials it always seems way to bulky. I prefer to file the entire nail thinner and then put fresh pink and white over that. I do file just the white sometimes but it doesn't seem to save me any time. So if I have to thin the white and blend the cuticle line I might as well thin the whole nail. To me its the same amount of time as trying to get the white line thin enough and dredge the smile line crisp.

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