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Talk to Me About Primer & Shellac
So, I've been a Shellac devotee for two years. The majority of my clients are on Shellac as well. Few of my clients have issues with their Shellac, and most of the time its attributed to client error. But, for the past few months, I've been having issues with my own Shellac, and it's making me so angry, and I need you to help me fix it! I don't know what's different - I didn't have any problems for the whole time leading up to recently. I haven't changed anything I've been doing or any products I've been using. I did my last mani on Monday, and it is now Thursday and my Shellac is lifting on my left thumb (might I add I'm right handed!?). My lifting is always on the free edge and always different nails. Yes, I cap all layers, but the polish on the edge of my nails wears away within days (looking at them now, there are only specks of Shellac left on the free edge-edge of a few of my nails). I did two layers of top coat on my mani before this one, and it stretched me to an entire week before three of them began to lift...

Is my Shellac lifting because of all the alcohol its exposed to? The Let's Touch disinfectant I use? But, its not like I haven't been using those all along...

Anyway, I probably won't be able to figure out why this is happening, but I need a fix! Like I said, my clients are not experiencing this - only me! Can someone please explain primer to me? I've only even done natural nails and don't know a thing about primer. Can it be damaging? Do you apply it to the entire free edge, or just the last millimeter of free edge?

Thanks so much!
i use nsi acid free primer on the very end of all my french gel polish manicures it is really helping. and I've noticed i get more lifting from the free edge on square nails,less lifting and wear on almond, and i get better wear with a squoval shape nails
Mitchele Sheree Hunt
CND Master Painter
Mitchele, I appreciate your response. Interesting that you mention it, I'd worn my nails oval forEVER but squared them off around the time I began having this issue! Very interesting...
I have lifting all the time on my first 2 fingers of my right hand. (the ones I use to pump acetone when I do removal on clients. I was wondering in my protien bond (from my maniQ line) would help. Ill be wathching this thread..
I've been putting Protein Bond on the thumb, index and middle finger of my right hand for the last couple applications of Shellac, and it has stopped the peeling from the free edge on those nails ( they're the only ones I have real trouble with). I recommend trying it!
Elyse in WA
The Nail Princess is in.
i have one of my friends being my technique test dummie lol. we have it down now for french to last the full 14 days +more if needed. I square them then go back and file just the very side edge of the free edge just a tiny bit so its not as sharply squared. That has really helped me plus using primer on the very tip of the free edge.

Here is a pic of mine i did this morning. let me know what u think not perfect lol but fun.

[Image: photo.php?fbid=2514747847270&set=a.11852...=1&theater]
Mitchele Sheree Hunt
CND Master Painter
I use a bonder on the tips of nails that have issues with lifting. It's really helped a lot with those particular clients/nails. I don't use it on nails that don't have issues.
Heart Gelishly
If you use a primer won't the soak off time take longer?
(03-24-2012, 11:36 PM)Luvglitter Wrote: If you use a primer won't the soak off time take longer?

or a bonder?
I use YN protein primer on the tips. I dont notice the soaking time to be any longer.
(03-25-2012, 09:38 AM)jennie Wrote: I use YN protein primer on the tips. I dont notice the soaking time to be any longer.

Ohhh, I thought it would. TY for the info.

Well, I picked up CND's acid-free primer - I will update with how it works for me!
I was having the same issue with my nails with the acetone wearing away or causing lifting. It was suggested by Laura Merzetti I believe for me to try Gelish's top coat as it seemed to be more resistant.

I now use Shellac base and colors but Gelish top coat.

The only difference is I lightly buff the top coat before applying acetone when removing.
OK - here I am again, one week out and ready for new paint Sad !

My non-dominant hand is perfectly fine, which is an improvement! My pointer finger has slowly been lifting and chipped today, and I can tell that every one of my nails on my right hand have some degree of lifting going on (all from a corner of the free edge).

I want to point out again that I'm a natural nail tech and have never had a use for primer, but I read some about it and this is how I applied it: I opened the container of CND acid-free primer, hit the brush back and forth inside the bottle opening to knock off excess, tapped lightly once on a lint free pad, and then dabbed onto the f/e of my nails. Is that correct? Or are you supposed to be a bit more heavy handed with the acid-free kind?

Would also like to point out again that until a few months ago I had 0 problems with Shellac on myself, and my nails are in better condition now than they were six months ago. I'm a stickler for the rules and like using the Shellac system 100% as directed by CND, but I've got to get this stuff to last longer on me again!
My mom has had some chipping issues with Shellac and 3 wks ago i did a dry mani with ECO clear base wipe tacky off and buff then i applied CND Sticky Chi Ceramic polish and CND Super Shiny. And its still going strong. I think on her i will cont the eco overlay and whatever else she wants on top. I really love my Shellac but not all products aren't for everyone.
Mitchele Sheree Hunt
CND Master Painter
Quote:Would also like to point out again that until a few months ago I had 0 problems with Shellac on myself, and my nails are in better condition now than they were six months ago.

Maybe this has something to do with it. If your nails were dry and brittle they could have been creating a 'natural' rough surface. Your nails may be naturally more oily than they were six months ago so adhesion may not be as good. Be sure to thoroughly cleanse with alcohol to remove natural oils.

Also, I found that with acid free primer it helps to apply 2 coats and let each coat dry fully before applying shellac.

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