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Best selling Retail items...
Hi all,
Just curious what products are the most popular among clients for take home. I need ideas.
I would like to hear specific brands and items. I'm looking to expand my tiny retail area just a little.

Nail Technician
Are you looking just for personal care products? I carry many and they are steady sellers, but I find I make more repeat sales with little gift items.

One great one is Solemate Socks - very colorful, made in the USA - I retail them for $17/pair (they rec $20) and people will buy 2 or 3 pair at a time - they don't take up much space either.

Ten Good Sheep felted wool soaps are also doing well for me, also made in the USA.

Another good impulse item that doesn't take up much room are the Gather Studios pocket stones.

None of these take up much space and they are steady sellers for me. You can find all of these at along with thousands of other items, including some personal care items. Most things on the site are made in the USA.
Nail Tech/Owner
My best selling item is polish, I am looking into pedi socks i have had a few requests.
Personal Pampering Esthetics
Smiths Falls, On Canada
DoTERRA Wellness Advocate
We always sell the spa products that are used in our spa manicures and pedicures, because the client gets to try them out and fall in love. For example, we use aromatherapy scrubs and body butters (that come in back bar sizes) and then offer the same products in retail sizes that the client can purchase (we love Salt of the Earth products). Candles are also a big seller - if you burn something with a wonderful scent during the service, the client inevitably will comment on it and give you an opportunity to offer it as a gift or take-home product. Lastly, "treatment products" are easy to sell - things like glysolid that go on dry heels to instantly hide flakiness and make sandals more comfortable. Hope that helps!
Spa Owner
Spa Space, Chicago

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