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parifin handwaxing?
do you or do you not cover their hands when dipping in wax. if their hands are clean after a manicure. thanks liz
I'm not really sure what you mean here.....I don't cover the hands before dipping, but I do cover the hands with plastic wrap, or pre-made liners and towel or mitts AFTER dipping. This helps retain the heat for as long as possible, and it makes removal of the parrafin much less messy.
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ok here is a stupid question im sure.. some techs have told me that they put the plastic on the hands then dip. my question is this. 1. how does the wax stick to this and is there another way of dippin.. another tech told me they use a measureing cup and pour the wax in the plastic with the hand in plastic. ewl to me that is a mess.
Someone tell me how do u dip..
If you put liners on the hands, the hands will not absorb the oil from the paraffin, that is kind of the whole point to it. The heat increases circulation, thus easing any pain/tension in the hands. The heat also opens the pores in the skin allowing the oil to permeate the pores. As the wax cools, the pores close creating a sealing effect to keep the hands moisturized longer.

I use the plastic liners by Depileve. I open each one, roll them down half way, ladel (Iuse a plastic ladel) the wax into each liner, have client slide hand in, close top of bag around the wrist with my hand, with the other hand I squish the wax up onto all parts of the hand, and then have them wear mitts for 5 - 10 minutes. This way no one is putting hands/feet in the wax. I store the ladel in a liner. My clients are impressed with how clean this is and that no one else has stuck their hands in the wax. Ppl are funny, it's ok if their hands have been in the wax, but not other ppls! too funny. :lol:

The wax will stick to anything as it cools ie clothes, plastic, skin, tabletop. It's just easier to get off of smooth surfaces.
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