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OPI Gel Polish
I am so aggravated! Here we end up with a great polish in the Industry speaking of ALL Hybrid Polish...(My preference being Shellac) and there are Salons out there already screwing with it....I got a client in my chair on Wednesday that had OPI Gel Polish on, that wasn't coming off with just Acetone, She told me this Salon ALWAYS uses the drill to get it off....WTH? What is the point of having a Gel polish only to have me try to get it off (without using the Drill) and bythe time I got down to her Nail Plate they were so beaten up....Layers ripped off and some of her Nails were so sore...I really would love to know what the Hell they are doing??? I should get the Name of the Salon and call OPI. Sorry This was just a rant to get this off my chest.

Some People Dream of being a Success...Others stay awake and Are.
There is no way that was OPIgelcolor. OPI Axxium soak-off...maybe. That stuff was a B to get off. I'd soak the client in acetone and the stuff wouldn't budge. 8 to 10 minutes in acetone-soaked foil remover wraps and the OPI gelcolor literally curls off of the nail, no filing needed. I've used the CND remover wraps, too. Both are fantastic. Kind of expensive, but ohhhh, the convenience! You might need to push a couple of pieces off with an orange wood stick, but removal is really a dream. Now I'm remembering the frustration of using Axxium... ..ugh..
I hate the places that do that ! Then when we play by the rules ,we sometimes end up looking foolish like we don't know what we are doing ,because the the stuff we are trying to get off isn't what it is supposed to be ! GRRR !!! Or they wonder why their genuine Shellac or Gelish might get a chip after two or three weeks ,well ,maybe because we applied it without first applying a layer of hard gel first ,which defeats part of the purpose for getting that service !!!! @#!$$ rip off artists ,and liars....whew....sorry ,had to vent that ,lol ! Smile
I really don't think they used OPI Axxium, that stuff comes off in 5-10 minutes with acetone. As LizzieEllis said they probably used OPI gel color. The client probably assumed that the soak off and the gel color were the same thing.
I use several sogp lines because let's face it, some lines wear better on some clients than do others. Some of us are using a s/o foundation, some of us use hard gel on the nail plate prior to the sogp service.

Clients go in and ask for a Shellac service and it may not be the best choice for her nail type. The tech may suggest another brand which will wear better on that clients nails. It still comes down to the consultation you do prior to the service.

For my new clients, I will always ask if they want a specific Shellac color or OPI gelcolor. This will let me know if they are (actually only wanting Shellac or OPI Gelcolor) and I use it on them.

However, if they are asking for a Shellac type service, I recommend what I know will wear better for the condition of their nails.

I'm not so sure I can blame a nailtech/salon for deceiving a client - there are so many brands of sogp now. The client maybe traveling, trying another salon or for what ever reason she is new to you and literally does not know what the last tech did for her. All she remembers is she went in for a Shellac service.

Nailtechs are not limited to the ones who advertise in major magazines. You can't assume because you are (a brand exclusive tech) using a well known brand whose removal process is shorter, that this will be the case on your present new client.

Each client that sits in my seat for sogp removal gets the top coat hand filed before I wrap their nails. This insures the acetone will penetrate the product - any product they are wearing. No surprises for me any more.

Enhanced ,would you agree that most sogp clients are getting it so they don't have to use a hard gel on their nails ? I feel kind of like it is cheating to add a coat of hard gel ,because isnt the reason they are getting the service is to primarily have natural nail care ? Any normal polish will wear well over a hard gel ,so if that is the case ,then why would we be investing in all this soak off stuff ? I agree with you about figuring out what their nails need during consultation ,however ,most ladies who are milead , or don't have a clue what is on their nails ,are not coming to techs like us who take time to fit the proper service to the clirnts needs...
Lexibunny, I never understood using the SOGP on gel or acrylic clients until I had some time and tried it on one client. It's the shine, the no wear line, and the no dry time after that was nice. It does take a few extra min and of course should cost more. It don't do it all the time, they usually ask for an occasion when they didn't want the nail polish to wear at the free edge. Like a business trip for my last client.
What I don't think I will ever jump into is SOGP on the toes. I am not into the removal of that when my nail polish is just as long lasting. Toes are protected from the same wear on a finger nail.
Totally agree with you about the shine ,the wear , the instant dry ,and my acrylic clients love it ! My problem is that I think a lot of ladies who would prefer to keep their natural nails free of hard enhancement products ,like acrylic ,or hard gel ,are being mislead by techs who apply a hard layer first ,before applying other issue is that when that has been done ,they may make the assumption that it damages their nails ,or it may make other techs appear to not do a good job of making it last as long ,that is, the techs who only use a product like structure ,or just a straight up application. Love the sogps though...Smile
>Enhanced ,would you agree that most sogp clients are getting it so they don't have to use a hard gel on their nails?

No, from the clients I've seen, they think sogp is the cure to their nail issues. Some are not candidates for this, but want to wear it anyway. The do need a "structure" or hard gel base to protect their nails. Also for those zero drying time its well worth it too.

>I feel kind of like it is cheating to add a coat of hard gel ,because isnt the reason they are getting the service is to primarily have natural nail care ?

But the sogp service is not for everyone and if a coat of hard gel works along with sogp on top, then its not cheating. Some clients can get a fill with the same sogp color if they are wearing a hard gel. And some don't like the idea of wrapping their nails with acetone every two week. A coat of hard gel allows you to sand the color off with out damaging the nail plate.

I just feel we have to give the service for the type of nails the clients have. Its not written in stone we have to us sogp on natural nails only. It is our job to keep the nail plate healthy though.


Enhanced....I have been doing Nails since 1984....I was also taught the client sits in my chair and "I' evaluate what would be in their best interest with how their lifestyle is... I just don't like misleading the Client and ripping apart their Nail Plates... She came to me telling my she had OPI Gel Manicure
Some People Dream of being a Success...Others stay awake and Are.

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