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Wooshka (sorry guys I have no choice)
I got an email from you via BT, and replied. But it seems like none of my emails are getting to you. I have been trying since mid January. I think my emails are lost in cyber space. Are you on facebook? We can try that way.
Sorry everyone else. It's the only way I know of to get ahold of my dear nail tech friend anymore.
I'm here darlinSmile I did reply and I gathered you got it and was patiently waiting on you to reply but I wasn't going to hassle you cause I know things are hard enough right now for you with your foot.

I will check my spam box and see if they are in there. I have had a few problems with my emails but I thought they were over....maybe not. Grrrrrrrr!!!

I'll send you a email shortly and see if it gets through.

Thank you my dear. I like our emails.
Email has been sent sweetie, so check your emailsSmile

I know you like our emails, so do I and I know your going to love what's in the one I sent you.
It's got some very exciting info in itSmile
Hey. Now you have to tell the rest of us the exciting info! Big Grin Big Grin
Elyse in WA
The Nail Princess is in.
Peggy I have the same problem with emails I have sent you three when I didnt hear a responce I figured that is what happened
I would like all advice with being a nail technician
I don't know what the deal is. Haha. Let's hope it's all fixed now. Ugh.
(03-19-2012, 03:29 AM)nailartist Wrote: Hey. Now you have to tell the rest of us the exciting info! Big Grin Big Grin

It's just about some new products that I am using and how wonderful they are and trust me, when I can tell everyone about them all, I willSmile Not even Peggy knows full details yet.

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