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YN Finish Gloss
About ready to purchase a YN pro kit and almost out of my gel sealer ,and was wondering if the YN-UV that comes with the kit is the same product as the finish gloss . Whatever the case ,have any of you tried the YN Finish Gloss ? It is twice the price of the IBD Intense Seal I am currently using ,so want to make sure it is worth it. Also if you have tried the YN Gloss gel that applies with a gel brush ,any critiques would be great ,as I understand this product will hold its shine for more than two weeks . Thanks in advance ! Smile
Finish and Gloss are awesome. Finish can be used over gel or acrylic, gloss also. But gloss is perfect over gel or acrylic on hairdressers. No staining from hair color. YN UV topcoat is just that, a topcoat. More along the line of Tammy Taylor A coat.

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