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Young Nails Acrylic
Hi ,girls ,need help making a decision...I have been a happy CND acrylic user for many years ,have tried other brands but always return b/c of the great quality. One thing I absolutely hate ,however, are the bubbles I get when working with the translucent "Perfect Color" pink.(I usually use Moxie liquid ). I tend to work on the wetter side ,and can't stand how no matter what brush ,or lp ratio adjustment I make seems to not make a difference.This is especially annoying when doing any type of pink and white application where you don't want to use an opaque powder...I am thinking about purchasing a kit from Young Nails ( $ 99.95 ) ,but before I do ,I would like to know how any of you Young Nails users like their acrylic ,and if it bubbles with the sheers or clears ,and also ,what pinks and cover pinks do you like the most for pink and white application. Also ,do their nail forms go on almost anyone quite easily ,or do they only work well on ideal nail beds ? I hate having forms that come apart or don't fit snug up under the nail...oh and just to add ,although I tend to work on the wetter side ,the bubbles don't occur constantly ,only when they won't get covered ,go figure ,lol ! Any input would be awesome ! Smile
I used to use CND as well, I switched to OPI Absolute since it's readily available to me.
I got the trial kit from YN and loved it! They sent the speed acrylics, but since I'm relatively new, I'd have been better with the regular setting one, I think!
They held up well, I didn't see bubbles and it's lower odour. I would try them for sure - I use their gel and love it! Next time I need acrylic, I'll be ordering theirs!
I love Young nail. I gave up on CND after 3 years because of all the problems that come along with the powder to liquid ratio sensitive issue.I have worked with YN now for 5 years. I prefer the speed powder over the core.
I LOVE my YN products. I have been using Young Nails now for about 2 years.....acrylic and gel. I gave up a product line that I swore I would never give up and no regrets yet. I love how you can customize the colors to suit your clients needs and the consistency in great!
April, Nails by April

Thanks for the great comments ! I think you have helped me make up my mind ,and I will be ordering a kit soon . Do all of you use the speed powders ,like Vacanailady ,or prefer core instead ? I am able to work well with both CND's Retention and Moxie ,but as I am unfamiliar with YN 's workability, I can't seem to make up my mind which kit to get now...any details or experiences with either would be very helpful ! Thanks in advance ,you gals are great ! Smile
Of course I recomend speed. The core white has a kind of bluish transparency, weird. The speed white is bright white. If you want a pinker pink you will need the french pink which is a core powder but it seems to work fine. I custom mix a pink for my clients that is 50% frosted pink and 50% french pink. It give a nice smooth pink base and hides some nail bed flaws. The frosted pink alone is too opaque and too peachy in my opinion. If you like a real clear pink go with the regular pink which is really pale or the french pink that is a little brighter. Good luck! You won't be disapointed
They will send you samples so that you can compare the speed & core.
If you are used to working wetter, you will need to develop a feel for working dryer with YN. But it's not that hard, you just wipe your brush out more, and blot it on your towel before placing the bead. Watch Greg Salo's videos and you'll get a good idea of how it works. I think there's a vid specifically for mix ratio.

I started with CND too, and used it for about 10 years. YN was the first acrylic I tried after CND that worked well for me (until the weather turned cold here in WA state. But that's another thread. Smile ).

Good luck and have fun learning!
Elyse in WA
The Nail Princess is in.

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