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Need To Be Quicker
I need to reduce my time on gel polish manicures.
Here are my steps:
Wrap each finger with acetone soaked cotton and foil. Set timer for 10 min after first hand is wrapped.
Start checking at 8 min. to see if its ready.
Unwrap finger and gently remove product.
Use acetone on pad to wipe finger before unwrapping next one.
Once all fingers are clean, reduce length if needed and file to shape.
Push back cuticles and nip where needed.
Use sciver bit on all fingers to refine cuticles
Clean nails with antiseptic.
Apply ph balancer to all nails.
Begin application of product.
After top coat is cured on first hand, remove tacky layer and apply cuticle oil.
Hand massage with lotion.
Finish second hand.

Where can I speed things up?!
Thank you.
Nothing But Nails
Galleria of Salons
123 W 3rd St
Dover, OH 44622
This is pretty much how I do mine - how long is it taking you? If I'm soaking Shellac, by the time I've wrapped the last finger the first one is ready to remove.
Laura Merzetti
CND Education Ambassador
Toronto, Ontario Canada
One hour 15 min. Longer for french. I'm getting people saying they've gotten it done in 45 min. I'd like to be right at an hour.
Nothing But Nails
Galleria of Salons
123 W 3rd St
Dover, OH 44622
The steps are right and skipping or cutting any would bring down your service. I wonder if they do a massage in the 45 as well? That might cut time, but it is not something I would drop. My clients really like the massage.

Here are a few things that I do to save time (I am at about an hour for Shellac removal and reapplying)

-Have the client select colors and shake bottles in the fist 10 minutes while they are in foils.
-Always, as with every service, talk to the hand (this is what slows me down the most).
-Make sure everything is at your station and in an order that you do not have to search for something or have to get up to get anything.
Are you using a UV or an LED light? An LED makes it faster which is where the 45 minutes might be coming into play.
I'd skip the pH balancer. I've used it and not used it and see no difference either way.

I spend some of my free time cutting my foil squares for the following week. I use a nice, industrial style paper cutter that makes this job a breeze! I also precut my cotton. I use the cotton that they use for perms and cut it into small pieces. I keep them and the foils in a tray with the glass bowl for acetone, all precut and ready to go. This helps with speed during the GP process too.

Is there any particular thing you've noticed that's slowing you down?
Glass bowl for acetone?
I tear my foil into squares...usually I have those ready in advance.
Never thought about precutting my cotton. I also use the cotton rope that's used for perms.
Just using a regular UV light.
I guess I feel like my prep is taking too long.
Nothing But Nails
Galleria of Salons
123 W 3rd St
Dover, OH 44622
I never use a sciver. I just do a very good mani. If there needs to be a little more prep. I might take a buffer and go quickly around the cuticle area. The mani takes me about 20-25 minutes, then I put a scrub on their hands and have them go wash. By the time they get back, I have my LED light, the base, the polish and top coat ready.

I start with the little finger and move to the pointer on each hand and cure 4 fingers at a time. Then I do the thumbs last. The polish process takes less than 15 minutes with the LED. When I do a french, it's exactly 15 minutes.

I repeat the same process with two coats of color and then the topcoat. Then wipe with Swipe apply cuticle oil then go. I usually have them out the door in 45 minutes.

Most of my people can go 2-3 weeks, if not longer. Occasionally they might have a slight chip at day 10 or so but they're so happy it lasts, no one minds. I think much of it is practice and believing in your application process.

Keep working on it!
Oh, I forgot to say, the mani also includes the soak off. Before I apply the foils, I use a diamond bit and gently and quickly take off the topcoat. I start pushing off the product at about 7 minutes then apply cuticle remover immediately. The mani is quick. Make sure you have a good quality cuticle pusher. Mine is from Entity and really takes care of the cuticle.

I also found that the thinner and smoother you apply the base, the easier it is to remove the product. That comes off almost in no time at all.
I don't soak off, I buff, but I finally have my time down to about 45 minutes, which includes lotion & hot towels and a quick hand massage.

One thought though, if you shorten the nails before you soak off, might that speed up the soak off time? breaking the f/e seal and giving yourself less product to s/o? Also, if you're using a product that tells you to protein bond the f/e, you would be filing off that part which is attached the most securely and it would seem logical that it would speed up the process.
Nail Tech/Owner
I know a big thing that makes my time last longer is talking. I need to learn to "talk to the hand" as Malea puts it!
I save time by doing my cuticle remover and pushing nail by nail as I remove the foil, slide any product off, apply remover and push, apply oil, then move on to the next foil. My manicure is then mostly complete with the soak off process. They wash, I file, buff, dyhdrate and reapply.
Glass bowl, yes. I pour a little acetone into the glass bowl, add 5 pcs of cotton and grab them as I move from finger to finger. You can add all 10 pcs if you want but I find that the acetone soaks into the cotton too fast and by the time I get to 10 all the acetone is gone. 5 at a time works for me. Saves time too.
Give them the option of no massage to save time. I am sure they will all say no no the time is fine! Smile
"To put it bluntly, I seem to have a whole superstructure with no foundation. But I'm working on the foundation."
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