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Gelish or OPI
Hi, I was thinking of ordering more gelish but now you're all giving great reviews on the opi gel polish sooooo....those of you who use both what do you think, stick with my gelish or go with opi. Gelish is a lot thinner almost too watery it seems compared to the opi gel polishes. Do I have to take the shine off with opi because i do not with the gelish and no probs whatsoever. Also does the opi cure in my 36 uv lamp?

Thanks!Big Grin
I'm debating myself with this question.
I might just get the OPI base & top & just use my Gelish with it. I mean I have soooooooooo much of Gelish to use up & I love the colors plus I am fighting buying yet another product for my gel collection..I am running out of room LOL
The main attraction with OPI is the removal process looks amazing & Gelish is just not consistent & sometimes a pain to remove
Any reviews how the OPI wears with Gelish colors?

Also I am curious about application, wear & removal with it the same as Gelish?
application: light buff, thin on all coats & cap all free edges? 10 sec & 30 sec LED
Wear: up to 3 weeks? topcoat stays shiny, any color changes?
Removal: File topcoat, pure acetone 10-15 min removal with file of topcoat?

graci Smile
I had to remove opi gel colour (or so she said/was told) it took me 40-45 minutes so I emailed opi and here is there response

Customer Comments: If you don't have the expert removal wipes for gel colour, what is the proper procedure for removal? And how how long does it take?

Tech Response: Thank you for your email. If you don't have the removal wraps, then you may use cotton ball and regular foils. Below is the removal Instructions for GelColor: **Shape free edges **Saturate Expert Touch Removal Wrap pad with Expert Touch Lacquer Remover. **Place pad over gel and wrap finger. Cover hands with Expert Touch Salon Mitts and warm towels. **Check first finger after 15 minutes; if necessary, resaturate pad, rewrap finger and check every 5 minutes. Gently push off gel with Reusable Cuticle Stick. **Perform natural nail manicure and apply appropriate OPI nail treatment, or prep nails for GelColor reapplication. **Follow complete nail prep & removal instructions. Longer wear may increase removal time: soak nails longer. Do not force or pull gel away from nail or use metal implements/electric drill to remove product.*If client experiences any sensation during removal (e.g. pressure, squeezing, pinching), remove wrap and gently file surface of gel only along side walls with EDGE 240 File. Gently push off as much GelColor as possible with the Reusable Cuticle Stick. Resaturate foil wrap, rewrap nail, and continue soaking.


Thank you for your continued support of OPI Products.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to send me an e-mail at the address shown above, or call our Technical Support Department at 800-341-9999. Please reference the Request Number shown in the Subject Line of this E-Mail message.
We offer both gelish and OPI, and the OPI does seem to take longer to remove (and requires pre-buffing).
While we currently carry Gelish and OPI, I've experimented a bit with Shellac. I'm surprised not to see more people talking about CND's gel product. It seems to come off faster and easier than either of the others, and lasts beautifully. Would love to hear opinions on that line, especially compared to Gelish and OPI. Has anyone tried curing Shellac with LED?
Hmmmm. My OPI removes like a breeze. I file off the top coat, apply cotton soaked in acetone, wrap in foil and wait 8-10 minutes. It usually comes off in huge pieces with very little left behind, or it comes off all at once.
Honestly I'd get rid of all my gel polish and just go with OPI if I could. It wears well, goes on beautifully, has the most amazing colors for French, and comes off so nicely.
This coming from someone who used to be a major Gelish fanatic.
Love them both and use them both together, but if I could only have one it would be OPI because of the ease of removal. I've never had easier removal than with OPI. I use Graham HandsDown Remover wraps and expert Touch. I don't buff the natural nail for either, but I do "break the seal" for Gelish removal.

Fortunately, I don't have to choose!
(03-06-2012, 04:16 PM)ColleenNY Wrote: Hmmmm. My OPI removes like a breeze. I file off the top coat, apply cotton soaked in acetone, wrap in foil and wait 8-10 minutes. It usually comes off in huge pieces with very little left behind, or it comes off all at once.
Honestly I'd get rid of all my gel polish and just go with OPI if I could. It wears well, goes on beautifully, has the most amazing colors for French, and comes off so nicely.
This coming from someone who used to be a major Gelish fanatic.

Colleen - i agree with everything you have said here - I too was a major Gelish fanatic. Now it's OPI all the way!!!
What do you pay for your bottles in the U.S?
Why choose? Just add OPI to your selection. It will cure in your uv unit or your led. I use both brands and for Suesation Smile I had great results with the OPI base and top with gelish color. It soaked off awesome and held perfect. I was happy with the results.
OPI gel color and gelish both say to do a light buffing, I always always buff the nail. Even with regular nail polish. It's not about removing nail, or roughing it up, it's about removing surface oils and debri, gently and safely with a fine buffer. Anyhoo. The OPI gelcolor soaks off like NSI polish pro. Like a dream. It doesn't and has never taken me 15 min to soak it, by 10 the OPI gelcolor has fallen off most of the nail plate. Like polish pro.
I also don't have problems removing gelish. It just doesn't release like OPI does.
I would say use as many lines as you like. I now prefer OPI base and top with my gelish, polish pro, shellac. And I have been using the gelish mini pro led light. I bought one for myself and decided I was sick of waiting for the cure of uv. Except with shellac and polish pro. Those are uv. NSI has gelpro coming which will be a lot like OPI gelcolor and led cured. I cannot wait to add that too.
I hope I answered some questions.
Thanks, you've all been really helpful. I do not have a huge gel polish clientelle at all so this is really going out on a limb for me to go with more than one gel polish line. I liked the consistency of the OPI but I have to wonder if it'll get thick in time like OPI laquer does and if it does then I will gladly stick with my runny gelish. I have no problems with gelish applied on clients it's only on myself that I may run in to the cuticles if I'm not careful.

OPI is about 22 a bottle and gelish is 16 or so, big diff in price
I like to get 2 bottles at a time so it's not to much and I can add slowly. OPI gelcolor won't thicken like those with solvents ie shellac, as it's gel with pigment. Smile the bottles are the same size as gelish, so twice as big as shellac and well worth it. If its a few at a time, or if you can find sales on sites then do that. Colleen may be able to tell us where she has ordered her OPI, I think there is always a coupon code.
Thanks Peggy Smile
so did your clients get the same amount of Gelish wear time with OPI base/top & Gelish color? I usually get 3 weeks with my Gelsih or Entity.

I think I may get the OPI starter kit just to have a couple colors on hand if not then maybe the french colors..I don't have many great choices for french & I don't love the Gelish Sleek White or my Entity's not crisp enough.

French recommended colors to order anyone?

Oh & Peggy do u mind emailing me your application process/soak off for the Gelish/OPI combo application..
[email protected]

I have watched the OPI vids but it looks a lil different from Gelish application..esp. the thinness of base application..

Also I remember with PPro that there was a old formula issue that was giving problems when it first came out..I guess before they perfected the formula.
Did OPI have this issue as well? I think I remember someone mentioning that in a post I read that OPI was not soaking off or lasting.
I am emailing you now Smile and OPI had some base coat clumping issues for a very small group. I have read a few techs with soak off problems and I can't trouble shoot those since I have no clue why it's fine and fast for Collen, myself any many more.
AJ: one problem I have with Gelish is color consistency. I've had colors change on clients fingers, I've had colors change in the bottle and I store them in drawers away from any light source. I've also had colors that are different when I order a new bottle. I've had Gelish get a little thick at the bottom of a bottle.
So far I haven't reached the very bottom of any OPI bottles, but nothing is getting thick on the popular colors I use.
As for the base coat, I've put it on thick and I've put it on thin, both have great results. Honestly, I think one nice even coat is great, I put it on like I put on a regular base coat.
Thanks for the info Colleen, I am very new to gelish and don't have all that many clients that want this. I am slowly introducing this to my clients. There is a 6 dollar increase in the OPI. My local supplier is selling it for 149 and this is 6 colours and the base, top, bondaid.
Do you find the OPI is less runny than the gelish?
So OPI does cure in a 36 watt lamp?

Thanks so much, I really appreciate your info.
I don't consider OPI runny. I think it's thick compared to gelish, but not compared to shellac. That's just me. I find it very easy to work with. It will cure in both uv and led. Your 36 watt uv lamp will work fine.
Ok great, so 2 minutes for each coat and I do like the thicker consistency of the OPI. Oh boy I`m so
The rule of thumb for OPI from the instructions I have are 1,2,3. Base is one min, color is 2 and top is 3. For the UV. If you go led, its 30 sec each coat. OPI has the longest cure time for the top coat. just go with 1,2,3.

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