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Make your own gel polish?
Hi all! I can't remember the name of the company now offering this product! If I'm correct, it allows you to create your own gel polish color from nail polish -- providing you with the appropriate components and instructions. I want to buy it and try it, and I can't remember who the manufacturer is!





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is it Charisma Nail Innovations?
Yes Colleen is that one, is the soak off gel additive, wonder how works? and how good of a mixture gives? very interesting.

If I can use it with all my 500+ bottles of nail polish, it may worth a try lol Smile.

Charisma nail is the company i heard about on the beautytech Google group. i haven't used it though. couldn't you try it with yn mani-q clear?
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I still do not get how nail polish is supposed to dry via evaporation if we sandwich it or mix it into our own SOGP clears? I know this has been discussed before, so if anyone knows the safety of leaving uncured nail polish inside our gels, or how long it would take for the polish to dry, really dry, inside the mix, I would like to know. I have used one coat of china glaze nail polish in pink, on top of another color or SOGP and let the one coat dry for 5 min, then used OPI gelcolor top and cured it. It crackled and chipped off my underlying SOGP. Didn't work to well for me. I believe the line your looking at is a base and top coat meant to have the nail polish in between and not mixed in. I have no idea how that can be safe over time.
Yes, it's Charisma!!! Thank you all for your help! Heart



"Winners never quit and quitters never win"
I've made my own SOG for a while. I use pigment powders from TEN, PearlEx, MAC, Coastal Scents and TBK. My base is Gelousy OneStep. You can mix the pigment with the gel and apply it that way in thin coats then any SOG top coat. Or apply base, cute, thin clear gel, cure. Then dust the pigment into the dispersion layer then top coat. You can get some amazing effects that way.
There is a big difference between pigments and nail polish I do feel, so mixing pigment is ok as this is what it is made to do but I'm with Peggy, I don't see how mixing a polish in with gel can be safe when both require different ways to set the product.

from my understanding, shellac is gel/polish mix. so it seems it can be done.
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Shellac is not a gel with nail polish mixed. It's gel with some solvents that may be part of nail polish. Put together in a safe ratio and tested.

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