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OPI gel 15 days
OPI gel color - after 15 days I just had to change color, I really wanted to see how long it would last....just couldn't wait any longer to try another one of the fabulous colors. OPI deffinately my favorite sog. Please ignore cuticle...
[Image: opi15days.jpg]
[Image: opi15daysright.jpg]
WOW Ann! That is awesome! I don't see any chipping at all!
I know! I am so impressed with it. Even my worst client only had one minor chip after 14 days!!!
No lifting at all. I love it....And clients love that they can get their favorite OPI colors.
I have someone that can only wear shellac for a week and that is with linkage. Then she starts with the chips and peeling. There are so many different brands to try.
I use linkage also. I have to say I invested a lot of money on shellac and gelish only to find I like the OPI best so far. I was a die hard gelish girl until I tried OPI. I am trying it on my granddaughter that is a hair stylist and a nail biter. We will see how it does.
Here are the same nails - later that day used bogota blackberry and I use Mary Kay Satin hands softner, scrub and lotion. Hands look a little better.
Do you have to file off the shine like you do with the gelish? Watching a video, they didn't.
aj - I did, just out of habit I am not sure if you have to or not - I have seen nothing in the instructions that answers that question.
Is it acetone resistant? So Ann, what are you gonna do with your gelish now?
(03-06-2012, 07:37 PM)aj Wrote: Is it acetone resistant? So Ann, what are you gonna do with your gelish now?

Yes. I will continue to use my gelish until it is gone - can't waste it Undecided
Let us know how it wears on your granddaughter! My friend and I are going out Thursday so I'm going to be bad and get some OPI and try it out.
(03-06-2012, 11:00 PM)moonkissed Wrote: Let us know how it wears on your granddaughter! My friend and I are going out Thursday so I'm going to be bad and get some OPI and try it out.

well today is the 10th and my granddaughter the hair stylist/nail biter's nails still look great. This is a record for her. lovin OPI
Well day 17 and my granddaughter the stylist's/nail biter's nails still look great - having the best luck with OPI gel polish,,, love it (she really needs a fill though LOL)
Ok here are my granddaughters nails. 23 days!! Only growth (thank god she is coming today) and she is a nail biter and hair stylist. She is not careful with her nails at all. Lovin OPI
[Image: mms_picture2.jpg]
WOW! I can't believe how good they look!!!
Second set are going on 3 weeks - They were pink and white but with hair color they are now dingy and yellow LOL but still on!!! Still loving OPI
Can this be used on top of traditional gel nails and then be filed off?
Nailretreat... Looks great! You said you applied linkage, do u soak off the opi, or do you have to file them all off? I have never tried to soak off with linkage all over the nails..,
I have never used OPI gel polish over gel nails so not sure, they do soak off in about 10 minutes and then I lightly buff with a white buffer block to make sure linkage is all off.
(04-15-2012, 04:41 PM)nailgirl1 Wrote: Can this be used on top of traditional gel nails and then be filed off?

Yep, it sure can.
"To put it bluntly, I seem to have a whole superstructure with no foundation. But I'm working on the foundation."
Marilyn Monroe
Thanks Sachi. Can you use axxium no cleanse sealer on it then, or do you have to use a soak off sealer?
I have to say although I'm still a bit perturbed about the issues when it first came out-- I use it more now. But only with shellac top/ base coat. But--- it still doesn't remove like shellac does. But overall it's a nice product!!!
" Take be kind".....

Full Time single mom,
Medical Receptionist &
Part Time Nail Artist
Akron, OH
I like it ,but colors like Pompeii Purple that shrink really bad ,and don't come out dark enough even after 3 coats, always make me paranoid to use it on anyone....Sad Yes, I make sure I shake all bottles first....I wonder if dry brushing the base coat would help...hmmm
Lexibunny, try dry wiping your first layer of the color that is shrinking as well as the base and see if that helps the second coat stay in place.
I have been using the OPI for a while now and I prefer it over every brand. I have not seen shrink back on the nails yet, but I also think each bottle can have a slight difference in consistency. And I wonder if altitude has any thing to do with it..

When I soak off OPI, I don't scuff the top coat. I use cuticle oil on the finger tips before I wrap them with pure acetone. I leave them alone for 10 min, no peeking. And they are just falling off the nail and I don't have to push but a few bits here and there. shellac, gelish and others I have tried do not hold a candle to the ease of soaking off, or the wear, in my exprience.
I will take your advice and try dry wiping as you say...I want to love it like I love my with Gelish and Shellac ,I have had to do some tinkering to work the " kinks " out. Thank you for the suggestion ! Smile ( Sobeit )
I love the wear on my OPI
some of the colors seem to leave a stain behind

I will try dry wipe as well..I have shrinkage with some colors at the cuticle AND the tips
it is really hard to get good caps with OPI.
I do prefer application with my Gelish colors instread of the OPI colors
AND I agree with Peggy..removal is awesome!
but I do find application of OPI base a bit of a challenge at times & hard to work with in thin applications b/c it seems to dry as u work with it..
I actually spilled some on my floor & there were a couple spots left on the was dry & as hard as a I know it is drying without the LED or UV light.. I thought I was crazy thinking it was drying

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