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Base coat and Acrylics
I have been able to shadow a working nail tech (she been one for 4 years) and I noticed that when she is doing a polish job on acrylics, she doesn't use a base coat. Me personally, I've always used a base coat regardless.

Do all of you use base coat on acrylics, or, do you just apply the polish directly onto the enhancement and still finish off with the top coat?
Nail Technology Student[/color]
Base coats are meant to help create adhesion for the polish and it also helps to prevent staining of the natural nail from dark polish colors. if you have on an enhancement, polish generally does not chip and since you don't have to worry about the nail staining, there really is no need to use a base coat with enhancements.
The other tech I work with uses a base coat for everything. I only use.base for natural Nails. With enhancements, no.
Marie A. Soto
[email protected]
Thank you both for your responses! The more I know, the better I'll be!!!!
Nail Technology Student[/color]

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