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need to find nail files in bulk, premier is out of them
I usually buy the econo black 100/180 files in a package of 50 from premiernailsource for $6.95 but they are sold out.
naillite has new black foam ones for around the same price but I have no clue if they are good.
I bought these closeout ones from premier and they don't even last the entire manicure. They were 50/ $4.95 and are horrible. They get worn away immediately.
I use one per client so I cannot afford to pay $15 for the same pack of 50 that online sells for 6.95
Try the site.
C-C My Nails
Newcastle, WY
I second Claudia's suggestion...I buy from them. I use the peel-n-stick ones though. I like the zebra 180 and 100. I only use one or the other depending on whether I'm doing an acrylic or gel service. When I order it's usually several packages of 100 peel-n-stick. Comes out to about $.01 per file used per service. Very economical and very good quality. I just peel it off the plastic handle after every service and clean the handle with alcohol. You get a plastic handles with every 100 pack you purchase.
You just gave me such a good idea. Never saw nail files that have the restickeable.
What would you use for doing pedicures? I'm thinking the 180?
Thank you both(C-C and Rhea) for telling me about the nailfilestore.
how do u get $.01 per file? they're $12.95 for 100 that's $.13

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