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Need new uv top coat
Seems like everything is yellowing on my pink& white clients. Some worse that others. Got a sample from eco and loved it but it yellows so bad along with nsi glaze n go, and brisa top gloss. I love extreme glaze sealer but it cracks on some clients. There has to be something that works to keep p&w bright and shiny.
I have brand new shellac!!!
Are you talking about acrylics or sog's? I use YN Synergy gloss on enhancements and Mani-q top coat on sog's and I don't have problems with yellowing.

Just a few things to check, though... If it's acrylics could it be the acrylic itself that gets yellow? With my clients the only time the nails get yellow is when they use the sunless tan lotion or get their hands in some other chemical.
Nail Tech/Owner
This is on acrylics. IT's definitely the top coat yellowing and only one is tanning. I tan a lot but mine hardly yellow. It's really wierd
I use Nailite Tackless Gel Top Coat and It never yellows on my p/w and is only $24 for a 4 oz bottle. I have also used Light Elegance Super shine top coat and it works great as well just a bit more pricy.
here is the link to the nailite one.
I use NSI Glaze n Go and I have never had it yellow on me at all.
I'm also a smoker and on the odd occasion (when I can be bothered) I use a self fake tanner.

It's odd that Glaze n Go is going yellow for your clients.
Glaze n go is a sealer for acrylic and gel, it should never yellow. UV top coat is different than a dealer. It's nail polish cured in the uv lamp, it's meant to go over regular polish. It gets confusing when we use UV top coat interchangeable. As they really aren't. Glaze n go can't be used over nail polish, or it will crackle and it can't be removed with polish remover so you have to file it.
No edit button dang it! I meant its different than sealer. Ugh
I cant believe no one else is having this problem. I found a different bottle of glaze n go and same thing happened. Didnbt seem to hold up a shine. Im going to give nailite a try yet and then its just back to Extreme glaze sealer if it doesnt work.

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