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nail stamping questions
hello all! I am thinking about getting into nail stamping but I would like some advice, I don't know much about it so I have a lot of questions lol! First, is konad the best company out there? I've seen plates on ebay, amazon, red angel, are there plates as good as konad? Can you use a uv cured topcoat over the stamping or should you stick with the topcoat from the company. I know you can't use regular nail polish..too thin & you can't use gel thick, but could you mix gels & colors? add thick gel to gel paint or mix self leveling & non self leveling together to get the correct consistency? I need advice on the whole subject!! many thanks in advanceSmile

oh...couple more questions..what size stamper should I get? The one that comes on both ends, & do I need a plate holder, will any size plates fit in the konad plate holder? thx Smile
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I am a Konad user. I have not tried other stamping kits, so I can not offer a comparison, but I love my Konad and my clients are so impressed. I have used Konad with their polish and with my own. You are right about the designs, with regular polish it is more of a faint design, but it still gives a cool look.
Top coats are a challenge with the system. You do not have to use theirs, but I have found that you have to float the top coat over the design. Seche Vite has worked the best for me.
Get the double ended stamper size, it is great for big and small designs and don't waist your money on a plate holder unless it comes as a set. I put my plates on paper towels and can hold them with my hand. Less clean up without the holder.
They have a lot of great sets if you are ordering from and offer free shipping if you order over $50.00
I have seen Konad used with gel polish, but have not tried myself. I think that might be my project for the week.
Hi Cindee, here are some threads that will help you Smile
I would read the other threads, but...
yes, you can use other polishes (try them first though)
yes, you can use it over sogp (I used it over the colour, but under the sealer with Axxium SO)
yes, you can use other plates (like the ones on Bundle Monster)
no, you don't need the plate holder


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