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Info about my book.
I created this book for myself as a way to help me organize everything for tax time. I was tired of going through my receipts at the end of the year at the last minute, making sure I had them all, wondering if I’d written down all my mileage, making sure I included all my income, etc, etc.... I try to be organized, but it never turned out that way when it came down to crunch time. I needed a book where I could keep track of everything all in one place for it to work for me. I've been using the book for 3 years now and it's helped me immensely at tax time. I even showed it to my tax preparer and he was very impressed and suggested I market it. I'm currently in the process of copyrighting it and will be making different books for hair dressers and others in our industry.

The book is called "DOT" which stands for 'Data, Organizing, Tracking'. (it is also my mom's nick-name and with all she's been through this past year, I kind of named it after her).
: )

The cost is $29.95 + $5.75 Priority Mail Shipping
You'll get your choice of colors for the binder.

The book is organized into different sections which include:

Calendars - Appointments - Month End - Expenses - Retail Inventory Log - Industry Info - Client Info - Year End - Gift Certificate Log - and Shopping Lists

Calendars - Self explanatory. It will contain a calendar for the current and following year.

Appointments - This section is not intended to be used as an appointment book as used in the salon, but rather, a miniature copy of that. I use it to write down customers I have in the upcoming weeks to use at home to see what I’ve got coming up. During the day I write what I made broken down by each customer. I add the totals at the end of the day, then add them for the week. I use the binder clips (included) to section off the week that I’m currently on, then I bind January-June together when I’ve completed those months, and continue on (hope that makes sense!).

Month End - The total of each week as explained above goes in this section. I have each month separated into 5 weeks. Week 1 earnings go into Week 1 column, etc. At the end of the month you just add the weeks together to get your monthly earnings. I do keep the tips I make separate, but there is a section to add them together if you like. At the end of each 6 months you will add the 6 months totals together and then add the 12 month totals together to get your yearly earnings.

Expenses - I have 12 pages for each month to keep track of expenses as you get them throughout the month. There are many categories to break them down.

Retail Inventory Log - I like to keep a log of what I have for sale, what I am charging for that item, and when it sells. I dont know if this will be useful for everyone, but it works for me.

Industry Info - This is the area for writing down companies you order from, want more info from, are interested in, etc.

Client Profile Info - A place to keep track of all of your clients and the services they get.

Year End - This is the page where you’ll add everything up for the year - income and expenses and present it to your tax person. This section is still a work in progress and will be mailed to you by the end of the year.

Gift Certificate Log - We have a main gc log book in the salon, but I write mine down in this book to keep better track of them as they are used.

Shopping List - If you’re anything like me, you’re always writing mini lists of things you think of to buy as you’re going about your day. I added the Shopping List section to this book to help keep things organized and easily accessible. Just rip it out when you’re ready to shopping or use it as a reference when shopping online.

If you're interested in ordering a copy or have any questions please email me at: [email protected] and put 'BOOK' in the subject line.
Thank you!


Will the current version work for someone who is a cosmo/nail tech combo?

Rural Kansas
Emailed you Tina. Thanks!
Thank you for your orders ladies! They're all ready and will be shipped out Tuesday. I appreciate your orders and support as I get this new business launched. : )
I love mine thank you so much
I would like all advice with being a nail technician
It has been a HUGE help in keeping me more organized!! I need to order one for this year you do paypal or should I email or call you?
Light Elegance Educator
Darcy I take PayPal. Email me your info and I'll send you an invoice. Thanks!! : )
I got mine, and I am in love! Not only is it adorable, but it's so well done! It makes it so easy to jot down what you did each day and you can see at a glance where you are -- daily, weekly, monthly. Colleen, you did an awesome job on this!! Thank you so much!!


"Winners never quit and quitters never win"
Thank you for your kind comments, Kristi! I'm glad you're finding the book helpful. : ) let me know if you have any questions!
How large is this, and can you take some things out and put them in to the thing next year? Like your client info and such?
Electrologist 30
Nail tech 3 years
Fairytale Nails (Bring on the bling)
Hi Brenda, the size is 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" (small binder, very portable), and yes, you can transfer pages from year to year. I transfer my client info, GG log, industry info, and inventory. : )
Thanks Colleen. It sounds great. I may be contacting you. Have to wait, lost my partner, bringing another one in at the end of next month, so all the rent is mine. Yuck. Sounds like you did an awesome job on this.

Electrologist 30
Nail tech 3 years
Fairytale Nails (Bring on the bling)
Colleen, is the contents of the book refillable from year to year or do you have to purchase a complete book each year?

Also too, is their an e-book version?
Thanks Brenda. Just let me know! Remember to keep your income and expenses info organized now so if do buy one, you can fill in your info when your book arrives.

Anna - parts of the book can be transferred from year to year, other parts will have to be re-purchased for a new year. I personally keep a new book for each year so I can keep all my info for taxes separate. They're dated for each year on the front and on the spine and I do a different color each year to keep them organized.
At this time there is no e-book version.
Colleen that's awesome!, congrats!, for sure I will be ordering one in the future, when I will have a steady work place Smile.

Quote:Colleen that's awesome!, congrats!, for sure I will be ordering one in the future, when I will have a steady work place .

Thank you! I hope to make a website for it as soon as I get the copyright confirmed, or a Facebook page at the very least. Then it may make more sense to everyone!
I got my book today. OMG it is wonderful you really hit a nail tech needs. Thank you!!!
I got my book today. OMG it is wonderful you really hit a nail tech needs. Thank you!!!
Thank you so much Ann! I really did work hard on it. I appreciate your comments. It means a lot!


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