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New salon
Hi been a while since I was here. I was a booth renter at my former salon but haven't worked since the end of Nov. Middle of Nov I went on a 4 day trip and when I got back to the salon, the owner had moved my nail station over right next to the pedi chair and placed a huge Christmas tree where I had my station set up. She said since I was gone a few days she figured I could work this way till after the holidays. Never signed a contract so I moved out that weekend! Now a young woman that was in my nail class called and said she was interviewing a salon and the owner asked her if she knew of a nail tech to share the space with. She thought of me. It would be a 60/40 commission instead of booth rental. Owner supplies the nail station and pedi chairs, towels, warmer and advertising. We supply our own tools, supplies, etc. I have not talked with the owner. What questions should I be asking and what can I expect from her if I do go in and talk with her?
If it is commision the owner should be supplying everything. Not just the big stuff. I would never do a 60/40 if I had to supply the products. With that split you will not be making enought to live on.
Sorry, but I'll have to agree with the previous poster. If you have to pay all your taxes and buy your supplies, tools, etc. they should not be getting 40%!!!!

Seriously, run the numbers based on service pricing and you'll find that your hourly wage will be in the basement if you pay that much. I own my own 540 sf shop and less than 40% of my service total goes to my overhead, and my overhead also includes cell phone bill, website, credit card fees, licensing, insurance etc. Which you would still need to pay for!
Nail Tech/Owner
this owner either doesn't know tax laws or she's hoping the people she hires doesn't! Comm. means you're an employee, so that means she furnishes everything but your working tools. Don't do it.........

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