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OPI Gelcolor, new bottle, dried out?
I purchased this at Cosmoprof this last Monday
What is this about? Has anyone else found this in a new bottle?

[Image: DSCN7004.jpg]

[Image: DSCN7003.jpg]
it looks like it has been frozen and defrosted.. i have gel base from the axxium gel sytem and left it over night in my car..... it looked like that...
Yikes! I hope you took it back!
It looks like it has started curing...maybe someone opened it near a window to check it out ,and put it back on the shelf...
I think it hasn't been using for too long. I had a new bottle of UV Gel topcoat from OPI, I forgot to use for few months. It looked exactly like that
My local Cosmoprof has the OPI gelcolor display right in front of the store in front of the windows. The bottles are exposed to sunlight as well as temperature changes as its right next to the door as well. When I mentioned the display placement as being detrimental to the product to the ladies that work there I received shruggs and blank looks. I tried to explain that we (pro nail techs) keep our bottles of gel polish, whatever the brand, in drawers, cabinets, etc. to protect them from direct light and temperature changes. I'm sure the front and center placement is meant to draw attention to the product, however, I'm sure OPI doesn't want to be replacing/refunding for ruined product.
I tried stirring it, warming it with my hand, I realized there was almost nothing in the bottle. It was not full bottle of gunk, the inside walls of the bottle had very little gunk on them. I had to dig deep to get the material in the picture.
I called Cosmo, explained the problem, sales guy said he took another from the shelf and it is fine, asked him to hold one for me. Made time Friday to run over... all were the same. The bottle are not filled, product is chunky, all of them. Sales guy dithers a bit, I understand why they might not want to "return" polish, but... they did refund, all my purchase, "It is all useless without the BASE coat" (x4)

He puts it back on the shelf.

I spent a little time doing my consumer advocate routine. Asked to speak to the manager...
pointless.... the bad product went back on the shelf.
Try, "why would I continue shopping here now I know that known bad material goes back on the shelf?" (I've heard these arguments about refunds in this store in the past).
Blank stare.... why would he care?

I think I will try something else somewhere else.... I didn't even want to buy the Shellac there...

I know it is way more convenient to get some stuff at Cosmoprof ,I too have one locally, however sometimes a good online distibutor is better,and in some cases more knowlegable about the products they are selling,especially one specializing in nail products. sells OPI ,as well as Nailtechsupply...
I don't think I would order this online after seeing the whole rack of bad base coat in Cosmo... I'd anticipate having to return it and all the hassle that entails
I don't think I should be charged to return/insure and bad product, a problem I have had with some suppliers
they usually don't see it the same way.
A lot of people on this site promoted EZNail not only did they never ship my order, argued with me about it (I called, asked if they had a product and if it was new, they said yes then didn't ship for 4 weeks, when I called (three emails ignored) they told me it was the manufacturers fault, they didn't ship the product (they didn't have it when I called), I told them to go ahead and ship the rest of the order, didn't get it, called was told "I" had cancelled the entire order (snotty, you told us to CANCEL it), then argued months later when they never did the cc refund claiming I had never been charged. I got the money when I filed a complaint with the cc (and a note from them thanking me for bringing the "oversight" to their attention ;-) )
what a waste of time.
Geez, I can certainly understand why you would not want to order online ! I have been very fortunate ,and your right about the return issue, I did think about that after sending my last post. Bad product issues much simpler to deal with locally. Smile Cant believe Cosmoprof would just put bad product back on the shelf, pretty stupid business practice....
It really turned me off them... business must be so good they can afford lose customers

I went through a run of that kind of thing with suppliers
found a couple good ones (Marlo, Beauty West... ) but most only carry a few items I use so I end up paying shipping all over the place... sigh

cheaper than gas these days though ;-)
EZnail was right up there with, what do the call themselves these days, The industry source? send the wrong size tips (I was ordering for the salon I was in back then), I ordered some of each size, they sent what ever they had... told me "a nine is almost a ten, just cut them down" when I argued they tried to make it sound like we didn't know what we were doing, did not want to pay the return shipping for the items they sent hoping we would never notice the substitutions, yikes...
I suppose a lot of people don't bother to return or complain...
I suppose they are hoping the buyer will forget to return it or will lose the receipt... I agree, bad business
though I wonder what is going on with OPI too....

I went through a bad run with some suppliers, old product, wrong product, over charged... yikes
found a couple good suppliers (Marlo, Beauty West.....) but a lot for shipping if they don't carry all the items I need and I am ordering from many
though these days it is cheaper than gasoline

Couple of our walk in shops are not the great either
the two big challenges, getting new clients in a tough economy and getting the supplies to use on them
I'm not crazy about the new web set up

first this post did not appear, I thought I must not have hit "Post"
then it appeared with the second post....

and no way to remove one or the other or edit them?

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