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Good Housekeeping!
Ok ladies here we go again.
While I was at bowling tonight one of the girls I bowl with brought in the Good Houskeeping mag. Well guess what article was on page 120. That's right a article about the new gel polish.

The article was slamming the new polish, saying it had all this toxic chemicals and to stay away from them.They named Opi, Gelish,CND, not to name a few more. They also went on to add a few words about the uv light. Really! If any of you get the mag. please let me know what you think. It is the March issue. Turn to page 120 and see if your blood doesn't boil. Angry
I saw it just this am. AND immediately emailed gelish and CND to make sure that they were aware of this stupid article. DID you notice something else? That they "Bottom lined" it to suggest that we instead of gel manicures just use the new Revlon nail polish... could this article have been financed by Revlon? I'd love to know who the parent co of Revlon and Good Housekeeping magazine is? That's me - a conspiracy person... but I smell a rat!

I hope that CND and Gelish and all the others get out a media response. I'd like to have a copy on hand to discuss it with my clients.... I can also post info on my facebook page.

Let me know if anyone finds out if there is any formal response.
Terri Lancaster
Nails By Design

I just read this yesterday ...totally freaked when I saw it. Would love to know what is in that Revlon polish they are they still have formaldehyde, DBT, etc. in those drugstore brands ?
MA Tech, the Revlon Colorstay polish they recommend is 3 free. It's fine, but I doubt it's going to last anyone 11 days.


you are so right! Goodhousekeeping is owned by the Hearst Corp............ and so is...............

"NEW YORK, December 7, 2001 -- Jeffrey W. Hamill, vice president, advertising sales and marketing, Hearst Magazines, has been promoted to senior vice president. The announcement was made today by Michael A. Clinton, Hearst Magazines' executive vice president, chief marketing officer and publishing director.
Hamill will continue responsibility for The Hearst Group, the integrated sales/marketing division of Hearst Magazines that serves national, multi-title advertisers such as Revlon, Kraft Foods and General Motors. In this capacity, Hamill oversees all group sales and marketing efforts for Hearst's 16 monthly titles as well as corporate research........................................


so same VP in charge of sales and marketing for GoodHousekeeping and Revlon. Hmmmm.
Good research KK! Too funny. Too funny. That's one stinky rat!
Terri Lancaster
Nails By Design

I totally believe this article is related to the promotion of Revlon products. I read this today as well. We must educate ourselves and our clients on the safety of SOG products. Gel polish can cause some reactions if not used properly. It is this very reason that my blood pressure rises when I see products made available to the public. Youtube videos of Suzi Homemaker giving instructions from her bathroom counter or kitchen table on how to DIY gel polishes just sends me over the edge.
We must read and follow all directions with SOG products. I teach classes for Entity Beauty and as a company, we stress the importance of working safely.
I think as an industry, we need to respond by not supporting magazines who put this fear into their readers. If every salon in America called Good Housekeeping tomorrow and asked them to never send their magazine to our salon address again, they would get the message.
Tina Ciesla
Entity Artist
Some girls are born with glitter in their veins!
Absolutely agree with you Tina, the nest way to let a company know you are not happy is to tell them and then vote with your feet by letting them see what your outfit looks like from behind as you walk away for good Smile

This is clearly as slander article towards all SOGP just to promote the new Revlon polish.
I would like to think that the companies of the products mentioned in this article, are going to make contact with them and discuss them issuing a follow up article with an apology and an article on the positives on SOGP and how great it can be V's normal polish.

I'm in Australia, so I don't know if we get this mag here nor not but I'm going to go look.
Hey everyone!
Doug Schoon has contacted GHK magazine and has his response to this article on Facebook. Please check his response and share it on your own page. Spreading the word will help educate consumers.
Tina Ciesla
Entity Artist

Some girls are born with glitter in their veins!
where on facebook Tina?
(02-19-2012, 10:19 PM)sbwalnuss Wrote: where on facebook Tina?

Just search Doug Schoon its on his wall.
Thanks for sharing, I am going to check it right now!.
I can say from what I am witnessing first hand here in Brisbane Australia, that Revlon are going all out to kill the SOGP reputation and promote their own.
In my local shopping centre there is a large department store, the Revlon section in the beauty department has closed down to have a rebuild and in all the advertising they have put up, they are opening a new nail bar with the focus being their new polish range and in the adds it says that clients don't need to spend a fortune on SOGP mani's/pedi's and risk their health with the use of gels in SOGP, when they can have a mani/pedi with the new revlon polishes.

So to me this article in the Good housekeeping mag and what I am witnessing here in my local shopping centre is just simply Revlon playing dirty tactics and I hope they feel the legal arm come down on them for it.
posted for Doug Schoon:

The Good Housekeeping article is sheer nonsense! They never contacted any industry scientists to get the facts and they made several critical errors. Also, the information was misrepresented so as to create unfounded and irrational fear. I spoke to them a few days ago and I've been assured they will issue corrections and/or retractions.

In short, UV nail lamps and gel polishes are safe if used correctly and the risks claimed by GHK are grossly exaggerated! Clients need not be concerned as long as these products are properly applied, maintained and removed.

Doug Schoon
Co-Chair of the Nail Manufacturers Council
Debbie webmaster - admin Feed Your Nail Addiction shop smart, brand name professional products for professional results

Maybe I should get permission from Doug to print out many copies of his response to Revlon and go stick heaps of them up next to the Revlon signs that are bagging out SOGP and this way the customers that stop to read what the rebuild is all about, can also get the facts from the leading beauty scientist in the world.
Here is some additional info from CND to help you educate clients after the misleading information in the article:

Some clarification for all from CND:
The UV light present in the CND UV Lamp has been proven safe to use. Various studies, including one done by Rapid Precision Testing Laboratories, have compared the lamp to natural sunlight and various indoor tanning lamps on the market. The tests have confirmed that the bulbs used in CND’s UV Nail Lamp are among the safest in use today. Getting regular UV manicures is equivalent to spending an extra 1-2 minutes in daylight.

Methacrylates have been safely used in nail products for decades. The Cosmetics Ingredient Review has determined Methacrylates safe as used.

As of August 2011, CND Shellac does not contain the chemical Methyl Pyrrolidone (n-MP). Prior to that, several original CND Shellac color formulations used a raw material that contained trace amounts of n-MP in the solvent. The amount of n-MP in the final formula was below 0.1%, well within safe harbor limits of California’s Prop 65.

Acetone, which is used to remove CND Shellac, is used in almost all polish removers. Acetone can cause temporary dryness; however, acetone substitutes are less effective and equally as drying. Lightweight oils can be used to offset the temporary dryness.
Holly L Schippers
CND Education Ambassador

FingerNailFixer on Facebook
FingerNailFixer on YouTube

"There are no failures - just experiences and your reactions to them." - Tom Krause

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