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Acrylics drive me nuts!
I have to whine today. I have been doing my neighbors nails all through school. The one thing we have never done on her was acrylics. So yesterday we did acrylics. They turned out so bad. Everyone of them lifted. I have a hard time getting polish or gel to stay on her without chipping over night. I used Linkage with the Shellac and it lasted a week. I was so proud of that. I didn’t use the linkage with the acrylics. I am thinking I should have. She has wide flat finger nails with lots of ridges. I am guessing it has to do with her nails because I can put acrylics on my sister and they last with no problem. Any thoughts from anyone? I’m so frustrated. I really hate when I can get something to work right.
I think that sadly, some people just can't do artificial nails! I had a boss years ago who acrylics just lifted right off - she tried every 6 months or so and they just didn't stick for some reason - could be her body chemistry, something lacking in her diet, medication? I haven't figured it out!

I wouldn't curse acrylic though - especially if polish or gel won't stay on her either.
I am thinking it has to do with her nails too. I found someone the other day that teaches. She is a nail tech and I wish I had known about her before I started and finished school. I'm going to get in touch with her and see if she will sit with me as I do acrylics and let me know what I'm doing wrong. Thanks for the reply Newbietechy!!
Hi Dear,

Here is a detailed tutorial for an acrylic sculpting. It includes a new technique such as nailbed extension (create a perfect, skin nailbed) and pinch (for a beautiful C curve).

If you feel, skip those steps, and focus on the acrylic sculpting steps.

Hope this helps

Don't give up, pick everyone's brain and watch all the video's you can. A lot of times it's technique more than prep. It could be the way you're applying the acrylic or the ratio of it.

IMO, wide, flat nails are harder to do than 'regular' nails. If you can remember where the lifting was the worse at, i.e., the cuticle, sidewall and on which side, both or just one, which hand was worse. That can help a lot to help you trouble shoot the problems.

Chipping on the f/e usually means the product was a bit too thin. By all means, use the LInkage, it's a great product!

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