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Booth rental: How much do you pay?
Huh Please help me out Huh

How much do you pay per month for booth rental? Which days do you work? How does your booth rental rate compare to how much a hair stylist in your area might pay (if you know)? Is there anything else I should know?
I pay $400 per month. Hairstylists pay $600 and up around here. Hairstylists normally pay more as they are "renting" the chair/furniture and use hot water and much more electricity. Nail areas are typically just the space that you need.... nothing else. When you are a booth renter you have access to your space 24/7... it's an IRS regulation. You choose your hours... nail people here typically work tues-sat, though some choose real flex hours working four or five days a week whenever as it fits into their schedule with kids and such.
Terri Lancaster
Nails By Design

$400 here too. Don't know how much the stylists pay, but I think it was around $550-$600.
I pay $200 a month and hair stylist pay $350.
I pay $65 per week, so that is about $260 a month. They furnish the table and chairs and a pedicure room with a spa chair, towels if I want to use the same as the stylists or I can use my own. They also pay my salon insurance.
Always be get farther.
I pay $75 a week ( $300 mo ) which I had to negotiate with the salon owner who wanted to charge $125 a week. His location and salon does not warrant higher than $300 a month. The hair stylist are paying $200 a week. I dont know why. But it depends on location, and perks as to what rent should be. It will vary so much. From state to state, city to city.
I pay $385 a month - no phone, equipment or supplies included. However, I do have my own room with a sink... but it's very small.
Stylists pay the same where I am. However, I've noticed the going rate for just a nail station with table and towels included is around $200 around here.
I pay $400 a month, the stylists pay $500. I have a 10'x10' room, water, electric, and access to a washer and dryer.
Thanks, everyone! Your info info really helps to put things into perspective. So as a nail stylist I can expect to pay less, maybe as much, but never more than a hair stylist in the same building that uses way more of the space and facilities than me.
I pay 440.00 . My own supply , table , chair , etc . I use the washer and dryer .40.00 of this is to help pay for someone to clean . We all pay the same
I work 5 - 6 days a week & my rent just went up from 125.00 a week to 135.00 a week with NO New update's to the salon & there are other salon's in my area that are newer, cheaper & offer more! Don't want to change salon's but I'm stupid if I don't! Why would I pay more & get less? Plus we are down to 1 nail tech (owner) who only works 3 day's a week & 3 other stylists that each work 2 day's a week so I work by myself ALOT!!! Very frustrating! I feel like I'm running the shop by myself & if I leave she'd have to close & I'd feel guilty....but I really shouldn't because if she cared enough about the shop she'd be there more! And do the much NEEDED update's....last time salon was painted was at least 10 years ago & we all did it!
Hello, I'm hoping posting a reply bumps this conversation to the top. I'm in northwestern Ohio and our salon is considering going to booth rental. Can anyone give me current information on rent and what that includes? Thank you very much in advance.
$25 a day for the first 3 months, then $50 a day thereafter is what I paid. Around here in Chicago they range from $50-$100 per day.

For anyone considering booth renting check this blog post out. I can't put a link on the site so you will have to cut and past this:
Holy moly! Out in arizona I pay 275$ a month!!!!!
In north Florida I pay $125/week.
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