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6 Degree's Mani and Pedi Scene Did You See it Last Night????
I think that in the past oh 20 yrs or so we have gone from Madge to NSS. I don't see that we have ever been shown as anything but one of the two. I do see however that hair stylist have come a long way with the inception of shows like 10 yrs Younger and Extreme Make-Over and many more.

I do think in a way however the fact that we are seeing more and more nail services on TV could possibly be a good thing for us. Exposure is a good thing. For years mani's and pedi's were things only the rich and famous could afford or justify. That is not the case anymore but 'McNails' is not the right message either. The trick is to get the right exposure so here is what I propose:

Each and every time we see a negative portrayal of a nail tech, nail salon or service we ban together and send letters to the producers of the shows. I think we can complain all day long here on our board but if we never make our selves heard all we are doing is spinning our wheels.

So in that light I will offer to be the 'one' who tracks these sort of things. If y'all will send me the info I need I will track the shows and even write a form letter, email the letter to each of you for your signatures and then we can mail them all out.

If we want to change the public perception of our profession it is up to us to do so. :wink:

I will also email Debbie and ask if I can start a 'sticky' for all to see and participate. I am very serious about this issue. I'm not a sit in the back of the room and wait for someone to make a difference for me kind of girl and I'm asking that we all ban Big Grin together and make a difference for ourselves, our industry and our futures!

What do ya say?? Are you with me?
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Ok y'all Debbie agreed to my 'sticky' request. Thanks Debbie :wink:
This is what I will need:

I need all who want to help change the perception of our industry to email me your contact information.

Whenever you see a nail tech or salon portrayed in a negative light make a note of the day and your time as well as where you saw the portrayal and what you saw. So lets say you saw something on tv (although it could be on the radio, newspapers, magazines, whatever) here is an example of what to send me:

When: Tue 8:00 pm Central Time (If in print send the Issue, Date and Volume)
Where: ABC
What: Nail Tech portrayed as unprofessional and causing pain to clients
Your name and contact info

Just send it to my email and I'll write a letter and email it to all who want to participate for signature. I will also get the addresses of the 'offenders' to send our letters and email that to you too. Then all you have to do is drop it in the mail.

I think change takes time and commitment. If we just sit back and complain and never make a move to change things and be heard then we have done nothing but fill up cyber space with our chatter.

If you have any questions just email me. (oh and by the way, I am going on a cruise 9/30 and not returning till 10/05 so if you have something to report go ahead and do so and I will get it when I get back home.)

I'm waiting to hear from y'all. WE CAN DO THIS! WE CAN BE HEARD! :wink:
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'Janice Luedke Owens'


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