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ECO Soak Off UV Gel
How many of you are using this product? I personally have ordered 3 pots so far and the price cant be beat. I got a free base and color in the mail yesterday and it really made me want to offer this product when i open. The only thing i havent liked is the black sand is more of a smokey color after 3 layers. I really love their price and customer service and that really sets them ahead of the game in my eyes.

Thanks again nail lovers
Mitchele Sheree Hunt
CND Master Painter
I used eco so quick for a long time. It held nicely. I started to have issue with the colors not being correct and the jars leaking. I keep them upright in a sealed plastic bin. I went with the bottle style sogp after that because the eco was becoming a pain. I sent an email a few weeks ago about a replacement hibiscus color, the one they sent is clear pink and the original is solid. I get frustrated when I need replacements and this makes the 3rd time.
For me Eco can get to thick looking, and has more shrink back issues with the darker colors than any other line I have tried. I gave it a shot, I mastered application, but it ended up not being reliable. Maybe you will have better luck than I did. I do know NSI Polish Pro has lowered their prices and that their new Gelpro is amazing. Nothing so far beats their soak off. Eco was longer to soak off in all my experience with the 5 I have tried.
Thanks peggy. I noticed the shrink back i had to keep pulling it to the free edge before i cured. I have yet to try NSI soak offs but i use the balance builders for all p&w so far i like it for overlays and on tips put not for sculpting(but thats because i havent practiced the sculpting as much). i think if i used a #4 brush instead of my #6 the eco would be easier to apply. i got the hibuccus, carribena mint, black sand, & the new Air waitress one im wearing right now. they say that it can be used on active lenght tips. Do you think it would hold up for like prom nails or someone just getting bridal party nails?

Here is a pic of black sand after 4 coats with gelish and glitter on the ring finger!/photo.php?fb...=3&theater

Mitchele Sheree Hunt
CND Master Painter
I don't think the black ever gets truly black. I also think it would work well for party nails, prom, and short nails that need some support. It can be used to pull out ( sculpt ) a corner of a short nail unlike sogp in the bottles. It would work fine over active length tips and also is great for extra umph on nails transitioning from enhancements. I use the base clear on any client who need more help than the thinner Gelish type polish replacement. I just gave up on the colors due to lack of reliability and them being empty from leaking. I don't know why so many leak on me. Another color I had a lot of trouble with was the Taupe in Itallia. It never looked solid. Sad
I will always keep their clear to add to my other sogp service when needed.
My pots leak too!!! They are all upright in a plastic case as well, but ALL have leaked. :/
(02-12-2012, 10:02 PM)Nail-icious Wrote: My pots leak too!!! They are all upright in a plastic case as well, but ALL have leaked. :/

It's a mess isn't it? It's one reason I gave into the polish bottle SOGP.

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