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Mentoring Guidelines - Please read

The guidelines shown here are just that.. guidelines and should be used as such, not as gospel. If you have input to add or would like to comment on your experience, please post here.

For the mentoree:
  • Make a list. Because as the one in need of help, you maybe overwhelmed with challenges, it is important to make a list of questions before approaching the mentor.
  • Make sure your time is uninterrupted when speaking to/working with the mentor.
  • You want to be productive and not waste the mentor's or your time. 
  • Focus on one or two things to start with.
  • Practice those things before approaching other problems. 
  • Make notes so you don't forget.
  • Be open to change ... product, technique, etc.
  • Attend the session prepared. Get clear instructions from the mentor what materials/products will be needed for the session.
  • If fee is being charged, a deposit of half should be sent to the mentor.
For the mentor:
  • Check with your employer (salon and/or company you may educate for) to make sure this is not a conflict and they are "OK" with it.
  • Listen and let the mentoree talk.
  • From that you can figure out what she needs.
  • Set aside a specific amount of time to discuss her needs or you will be there all day! State what that time will be up front.
  • Focus on one problem at a time.
  • Give the mentoree guidance in a structured fashion and have her write it down.
  • Document what you told her.
  • Give the mentoree homework and a time frame, then follow up.
  • Be sure to ask what products they are working with so you're familiar with her challenges and why.
  • Suggest alternative products to try.
  • Encourage not discourage.
  • Remember that you are there to teach a way not the way.
  • Be available for some follow up session.
  • Confirm the agenda, meeting and what's needed for session via letter or email.
  • Provide some form of a handout(s), most people only retain about 20% of information received.
  • Have integrity, know your own strengths and weakness'. Don't promise anything that you can't follow through with.
  • When you accept a date to meet and discuss fee, be clear on your cancellation policy.
  • Most importantly, lead by example. Someone is looking up to you for guidance and structure. You must always present yourself as a professional in the industry.
For both of you:
  • This should be a rewarding, not frustrating experience for both partied involved.
  • If you commit to a mentoring situation--be sure to treat each other with as much respect as you would a client.
  • A structured time situation will be beneficial to you both. Set your days/time allotted for each session and make every effort to stick to it.
  • Write or type up a list of: specific techniques that will be covered, set up a date/time or a series of appointments, agree upon any fees that will be charged, make a copy for both parties.
  • Keep your expectations realistic.
  • Make sure you have each others phone, cell phone and email address for contact incase there is a problem with a mentoring session.
  • Be sure you have or bring all the needed supplies for each session and a model if required.
  • Payment should be made at each session, just like at any other nail appointment. It's not a good idea to set up this kind of relationship with one person owing another money over time.
  • Things to consider about charging a fee for your time mentoring:
    • Travel (both gas and actual time driving to/from mentor appointments)
    • Product
    • Time committed per session
If a mentor chooses to charge for her time, that is her (his) business.
Beautytech and our staff take no responsibility for anything more than making the connection between the person desiring mentoring and the person willing to mentor, any disputes must be worked out between the involved parties.

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This list of guidelines has been developed and tweaked by:
Vicki Peters former Education Director, Nailpro
Debbie Doerrlamm, Webmaster
Karen Hodges [email protected] Owner/Nailcare Specialist, The "All About You" Salon of Key West
LaShuan Brown-Glenn Creative Nail Design Educational Sales Consultant
Debbie webmaster - admin Feed Your Nail Addiction shop smart, brand name professional products for professional results

I would very much like to have some one who is a seasond instructor to talk with I am a new teacher. I have been in my class room 6 months in my state untill 6 months ago cosmetology teachers taught us thanks
JENNIFER new nail tech instructor
I have been doing hair and nails for 9 years in Pa and would love to mentor.


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