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Newbie lookin' to learn :)
Hey Guys,
I am new here, but hoping to be able to learn from you guys here.

I am a former tanning salon owner. I recently sold my salon so that I could focus on becoming a Hair Stylist. As we all know, it is almost impossible to focus on anything while owning your own business.

I am interested in a apprenticeship because I know that even with going to a cosmetology school, when I get out I have alot left to learn, and would probably end up doing a apprenticeship under someone even then.

With a apprenticeship I will be one student rather then one of a hundred, I will learn in the salon atmosphere and will have the chance to learn so much more.

I am currently in Wilmington North Carolina and looking for a receptionist position until I can find a apprenticeship opening. I am completly willing to relocate for the right training, I would love to move back to Florida soon.

If you guys can be of any help, or know of anywhere I might be able to find any additional information, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Sorry for such a long first post. I am active on tanning forums, so I can say this is not usually how long my posts are Smile


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