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Need help quick!!
I did a new client on Friday , she seemed nice but pickie. She kept telling me that she always goes to a salon(nss) and they take 40 min to do french acrylic. i took about 2 hrs but she knew before she came that I was slower and she said she didnt mind at all. I did french acrylic and a few konad flowers on tips, she like it as never had had that done or seen it before. She has just text me on a sunday night to ask if she could talk to me but I said I was busy and to ring Monday morning. Now my mind is jumping to all conclusions, this is where I need help...
1. if she has changed her mind about the konad flowers do I charge her for filing off and top coating?
2. if she decided she doesnt like my work do I offer to do it again.
3. ??? i dont know a 3rd.
any advice would be fantastic as I dont want to get caught offguard.

She also is a hairdresser as I am as well (as a nail tech)and she was q
sorry dont know what happen there... and she was asking me where my supplier was soit could be as simple as that!! but i want to be ready..... thank you to any body that can help...
Maybe she's so happy that she wants to know if you have openings for 4 of her friends! YAY!

If she wants the design taken off, that would be a buff and polish. I charge $12 for that.

I she doesn't like your work, offer to fix what she doesn't like (if it's minimal, like shortening) free of charge. Don't offer to do them again unless there's something very wrong with them. If she want to take them off, then charge her your normal removal fee. I charge $10 to remove acrylics because they sit by themselves and soak them off in acetone, then I gently shape, buff and hydrate and send them on their way.

Think positive! It sounds like everything is okay!
I agree with harmonsky
Could be a simple question. Why don't you text her back so it's not eating away at you.
Why would she want to know who your supplier is though?
The supplier question is odd. I agree with Colleen. I would text her back because your mind is going to be racing all night.
supplier as in what hairdressing supplier do I use.....

She just rang and she was weeding and her little finger nail came off....I did her nails last tues. So I think I will charge her $5 to fix as I never weed with out gloves as this can happen!
Thank you for all your advice and I was worrying over nothing ..
Thank you Ladys!!

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