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I am back :))))
Hello my nailthecfriends.
Long time that I am not posting any pics. I just move from Florida to Dayton, Oh. Ohio sate is not accepting any another state nailtechnician license so I went back to school to get my license here too. Finally I am finished the school bur I still need to go to take the state board test on the and of Febr. Wish me luck on that!Smile))
Here is some pictures of my latest work. I hope you like it.
[Image: stylist.jpg]
[Image: jokep.jpg]
[Image: 376169_296330607053600_100000299906321_1...301_n1.jpg]
[Image: 313443_297830083570319_100000299906321_1...380_n1.jpg]
[Image: 304813_272331629453498_100000299906321_1...976_n1.jpg]
[Image: 285398_256106647742663_100000299906321_1...478_n1.jpg]
[Image: 270680_236143629738965_100000299906321_9...918_n1.jpg]
[Image: 261281_236163339736994_100000299906321_9...536_n1.jpg]
[Image: 145.jpg]
That red and black set? To die for! really stunning. ♥
Beautiful, Andi! Glad to see you back!
SmileSo happy to see you back!!

Beautiful work Andi...
Amore Ultima Gel
3D Lash Extensionist


Happy people know that regardless of what happened yesterday, last month, years ago.....Or what might happen later today, tomorrow, or next year..... Now is the only place where happiness can actually be found and experienced.
Love all of them great work
Mitchele Sheree Hunt
CND Master Painter
Um.... WOW!!! Beautiful!
They are all wonderful. The last one is my favorite because of the colors. Did you sculpt all of them?
Electrologist 30
Nail tech 3 years
Fairytale Nails (Bring on the bling)
Beautiful nails Andi Smile
Sandra V.
Love them! You do great work!
Very pretty
Hi Welcome to Ohio Andy Smile, beautiful nails!.
Good luck on your test!.
So glad to see you back! Best wishes on your test. I really love the black and red set -- but all of them are gorgeous!


"Winners never quit and quitters never win"
wow...they are gorgeous! I'm sure you'll have no problem acing the test! love the 1st set, nice colors.....are they acrylic or gel?

I love all of them Good luck on your test
Wow you do a great work!
Those are all beautiful... =]]
Thanks every-body's nice words.
This nails all sculptured, acrylic nails.
I love sculpturing nailsSmile))
I will post more pics.

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