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Advertising Dollars
I have started just started my mobile business. With such a small budget, I struggle trying to figure out where would be best to spend my advertising dollars.

I was hoping to hear suggestions on what works best for all of you out there so I do not go throwing money away...

Thank you!
I'll tell you what DIDN'T work for me, and that was the paper and radio. I spent $750 on a series of radio ads, and while I did see about 7 new people walk in the door, I've retained only one. That ONE will eventually cover the cost of what I spent but it's just not enough return on my money.

I've had a Yellow Pages ad for several years, and just in the last 2 years added an internet listing. I've done a survey of people who come in my shop, asking them if they were looking for a business, how would they find it, phone book or 'net. More than half said the 'net. So, this year I'll be changing the balance of ad cost to put more toward 'net advertising and less toward the actual YP.
Thank you, Donna! I knew paper and radio were expensive. It is good to hear that I should not waste my money there. I have started a small series of Facebook ads, and have invested a bit on Google and other search engines. I was able to book my first appointment based off the Google investment after 2 days. So I will keep that going for a bit.

Any other advertising suggestions are welcome...
Of course, word of mouth is the absolute best way to getting your name out. Offer referral bonuses to your current clients.

Flyers. I only got a few people from them, but one afternoon the beau and I drove around a nearby community and put flyers in about 200 mailboxes. I went to a locally owned print shop and got very inexpensive, black and white flyers printed that I designed and laid out (what makes me different and the services I provide, and a $10 off coupon). Just one client paid for the cost of them.

Hairdressers. Do. Their. Nails. Offer them half off their first appt so they can try you out, and tell them that if they send x amount of people your way in a given month, that you will continue to give them a generous discount. Put a brochure on their work space.
Oh, and any products that you use that has a salon directory, make sure you sign up for it! CND has one for Shellac and Zoya has one for their polish. I have gotten clients through those two venues, especially the Shellac one.

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