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Just a rant....
I know this gets hashed out many times but here's another example...I had a friend post on FB that she just received her state of the art Shellac system and was open for business. She is a principal of a school so I know the time and money put into her getting her degree. Just another reminder that our profession is not taken as seriously as it should be. Just frustrating!
I hope you made a comment to her post. I nice way to say what you mean. And I only hope she means "open for business" as a term for she is ready to do her own nails, and not that she is offering to do others shellac. If thats the case and she were my friend or just on my facebook list, I would let her have it. But that's just me.
I am not a confrontational type but yes I feel the need to defend my profession! As I re read her post I am thinking she is saying it as a joke but she got her hands on the kit none the less. I'd love to post " hey everybody I printed of my med school diploma so please come see me for your medical care needs".... Exaggeration I know but just trying to get a point across!
Quote:I'd love to post " hey everybody I printed of my med school diploma so please come see me for your medical care needs".... Exaggeration I know but just trying to get a point across

I think that's EXACTLY what you should write! The open for business part...I'm pretty sure it means she is going to do other's nails. I would be ticked if one of my FB friends who wasnt in the business posted something like that!
First of all how did she get her hands on a Shellac kit? And unfortunatley she doesnt go to jail for practicing without a license (or fraudulent license). LOL. AND let her play away, thats all it will be. Eventually it will become apparent to her "clients" why it's important to go to a professional. And they will again learn that you get what you pay for.
Sometimes ya just gotta rise above...and be the professional..which you are doing. ranting is acceptable and neccessary at times... Smile

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Well I said my piece and voiced my concerns to this FB "friend" and she did and the response I got was that she was only meaning to do her friends or family and that she ordered the kit off of a nail website that never asked for a license number. I asked her if it would be ok if I tried to apply for a principles job title with no qualification just because I wanted to? She agreed no that I would need the schooling to even be considered. And then in the next line she said what's the big deal because it's (shellac etc.) is all over eBay and if it was that coveted they wouldn't make it available and that it's JUST POLISH! People just don't take our profession seriously! Sad
Ahahahaha. Just polish. Well she will be in for a lesson on "just polish".
I agree!
You'd think a principal would be more careful about what's posted on Facebook . . . school boards want their principals to have principles, not second jobs : )
Jaime Schrabeck, Ph.D. (yes, it's real)
Yep, maybe she'll get a 'lesson' on sogp wreckage...
Ive seen some of the "look ma, i did my own shellac im so cool" jobs online.....SO OBVIOUS when the line of light is bumpy!
Its a fad, im praying itll pass. Kind of like those at home chunky hi-light kits or when I was almost replaced by the pedi-egg , lmao.
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Jennifer
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