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36 watt light VS 9w
I have been using shellac for about a year now and I love it. But not I started useing the Lachat Perfect Match gel and I would like to get a new smaller light. It says that you need a 36watt light but I know that shellac does as well and some people use the 9watt still. Does anyone know if it would be ok to buy the 9w light instead of the 36 watt.
What you need is the coverage and placement of the 4 nine watt bulbs in the lamp and not the single 9 watt bulb, to get a proper full coverage cure. There have been techs here before talking about their success with a single 9 watt bulb unit but of the products requires 4 bulb coverage, the single bulb won't do well, even if you up the time. The 4 bulbs are still only 9 watts per section of light but you need the nail to be hit from all these bulbs.
I agree with Sobeit. If you have a high quality 36 Watt lamp you can be confident that it will cure most any light-cured product properly; without the risk of overexposure.
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