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Popits Dual system
Have any of you seen these? Or tried them? I seen a set on someone yesterday and they looked pretty good. But I feel like its cheating on the art of doing nails. But they are kinda neat.
I have them, I don't use them on a regular basis though. I am just a die hard sculptor. But they do come in handy for a few things. I use them on a couple elderly gals that want extensive nail art every 2 weeks. I work on their art in my spare time inside the popits and when they come in I just prep their nails and fill the popits and put them on. Keeps the appointment time down. I also use them to make aquarium nails in a salon length. Where the aquarium is over the nail plate instead of just in the tip. They are fun to play with, but since I mostly use gel, they are cumbersome. If I did more L&P I might use them more.
C-C My Nails
Newcastle, WY
I didn't have luck with them because I use tips and the popits were not as curved as the tips so they didn't lay right. I guess if I had time to play around with them I could figure something out.

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