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Back to Basics: Polish application
Not everyone has perfect cuticles or nails, but some or at least in pictures they appear to come close.

Click here for Nails Mag example

My polish application has improved greatly in the last 2 - 3 months, but still do have some clean up. I haven't found my best practice for clean up as yet. I think I need a good brush.

If you use a brush/acetone method, what kind (flat? taklon? sable?) of brush do you use? If you don't use a brush then what?

Thank you.

I just use an orangewood stick, with nothing on it. I clean the polish right away before it dries.
I use a small brush and acetone for my clean up. I use a Taklon brush, a #6 square one
I use a toothpick wrapped with a bit of cotton. It doesn't disturb the polish as much as an orangewood stick. And if you happen to get too much remover or acetone, as long as you don't touch the area, it will dry and not mess it up.
Always be get farther.
Brush with natural hair bristles will work the best .Synthetic bristles will get ruined in acetone.
Lana Gavric
Master Nail Technician
Eyelash Extensions Educator
Senior Akzentz Certified Educator

Everyone is entitled to my opinion.
I also use a natural bristle brush that is sort of rounded and acetone to clean up. It's what I've found works best for me
I use a Taklon brush, not sure about the size but it's a flat which makes it easier to slide it along the cuticle fold and get under the nails more precisely.

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