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Article "All the necessary informtion about LED Nail La

I found this article on line.

type in: All the necessary information about LED nail lamp

click on: About LED Nail Lamp home

follow their link.

The name of the company is

I found the content to be interesting.

I don't know that I would trust the information in that article, honestly.

First of all, the grammar leaves a bit to be desired.

Second, I don't know of many battery operated LED lamps, other than the mini led light Sally Beauty Supply sells. Also, many of the LED lamps are less than $500 now.

More than that, this article is saying that you might be able to cure some UV curable gels in the LED light. Maybe, but that's not recommended by any of the manufacturers. It also says LED lamps are emitting UV light, but they do. It's sill a "UV lamp", just has LED bulbs as opposed to CFL bulbs.

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