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name and decor preferences????
I cannot decide on a name and design to save my life. I live on Cape Hatteras Island which is a huge tourist and wedding destination. My shop will be attached to my moms high end boutique which has some bamboo decor already. I was thinking of doing a jungle type theme or something with a bright accent wall and coral colors. My friend told me I need to do calming colors because it will be more relaxing. My style and personality is exoctic, bright, bold, and blunt. My question is what would you prefer or do your clients prefer? if you have any name ideas that would be great. thank you so much
I would like all advice with being a nail technician
if you wanta do bold and relaxing you could go with an asian them.
Do a Google image search for ideas. You can get lots of ideas there.
If you're going to do a lot of spa type services keep it a relaxing theme. If you're just doing basic services you can go fun and bold. I do like the jungle theme, but I also love fun, bold colors. (I'm a polka dot fan)!
Names are always hard. I'd find your theme first, then maybe the name will come to you.
You could go bold with colour in small doses! The salon I work in was just painted with a brighter pale green (think Caribbean green, not mint chocolate chip) and then wainscotting at the bottom (cream). This allows us a bold colour on the wall without being over the top, once pictures are up, it breaks it up more.
It also lets us have other pops of fun and funky decor that we can switch up over time too as things change.
For the most part, she wants it relaxing, but fun - she's going with more of a vintage theme.

I would look at tropical decor, or asian, that should open up a wide variety of ideas!!

I'm no help for names - I opened it up on my FB page for ideas from friends and offered a service in return! LOL!
I like Colleen's idea of letting the theme guide you or you can go simple with

Nails at the Cape.

Outer Banks Nails

Shore Nails

Lighthouse Nails

Or go with what you bring to the table or what your vision of your services will be. Name doesn't have to match decor.

For example, may sound hokey or hillbilly but I'll own it. I decided on my business name by the fact that I want to help those with nail issues. In other words "Raise their Nails" "take their nails to raise" or "build up" their nails ie a barn raising back in the day. LOL

BTW-no barns in my decor. Smile
Thanks for the responces one day very soon i will make a decision b/c time is running out. I plan to go up Fisherman's Daughter to take a look at the artwork my mom is already selling and make a theme around that. I figure since she's giving me a room and not charging me for it I might as well help her out with trying to sell some of her inventory. Thank you for taking the time to help me. would anyone recommend using a partition for pedicure privacy?
I would like all advice with being a nail technician

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