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**Entity One Color Couture users help!
I wanted to ask those of you that use Entity gel polish what color I could use that is milky for french application...Right now I use Fashion French Pink for base and Spotlight for my french...but instead of pink base I would like an off-white/milky base (I hope you understand what I am saying)....
Check out off the shoulder, I think it may be what you are looking for.
Thanks I ll check it out!
I too recommend Off the Shoulder. Also, Nude Fishnets is a FABULOUS color that is neither pink nor beige. If you are familiar with our Nudite Pink Sculpting Powders, this color is very similar. One to two coats give the nail a very neutral and beautiful coverage. Use with or without a white free edge such as Spotlight.
I haven't been checking the boards lately. If you ever have any Entity related questions, contact me by email or you can call me. Facebook too!
Tina Ciesla
Entity Artist
Some girls are born with glitter in their veins!
Thank you Tina!

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