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Walmart jumping into the SOGP revolution.
I have been in this business since 1980 and have seen a LOT of products go retail. If there were as complex in skills as the gel polishes are, all it did was bring me new clients!
Live and Learn - life is too short to stay the same
We field requests about SOGP from potential clients; of course they don't use that terminology . . . their knowledge is often limited to " . . . last two weeks . . . blah, blah, blah . . . won't chip." Sounds like a "custom blended manicure" :wink:
Jaime Schrabeck, Ph.D. (yes, it's real)
[b]NancySyd :[/b]
> Enhance,
> DIY is often the gateway to salon services. Remember, we were all DIYers in the beginning.

A Walgreens Kiss nail kit introduced me to the nail world. Big Grin I've been hooked ever since. Here I am licensed in IL AND IN (for now :roll: ). I'm also earning my Instructors license.

I'm not personally concerned. Clients pay more for our skill, than our product. ASP is an EXCELLENT acrylic system, but people still pay us for full sets.
Crazy in l Heart ve with Cuccio!
(01-09-2012, 10:15 AM)ColleenNY Wrote: Well let's see who they complain to when it chips after awhile or peels off cuz they didn't do it right.

LOL I agree with you girl..

I had a client tell me that a friend of theirs bought the Gelish at Sally's and said that it doesn't ever dry... well DUH you have to have a lamp to cure it. So we all know that the sally's employees are NOT informing customers on proper use of product...

That's why we have job security ladies Smile

This could be a good thing lol. I had a lady email me that she couldnt figure it out but loved the color she bought from Wally world. She said if i pay for a manicure will you put the walmart 2 week polish on me? I told her sure i will and to bring that polish over and we will check it out together. I let her know it is consumer grade product so i wouldnt know how long it will hold up compared to the professional gel polish i currently use. So if she brings it over at least ill have the chance to play with it without supporting it by purchasing lol Ill post a pic on the thread once i get her in.
Mitchele Sheree Hunt
CND Master Painter
I saw an article in a magazine today about SOG's being available to the public. The author of the article said she tried 3 of them and (of course) didn't get the results she would have gotten at the salon and after removing them, she said her nails were ragged. Then she suggested using Revlon color stay polish instead of investing in the SOG's. She stated that even after heavy duty cleaning and washing the dog, it lasted for 11 days with no chipping.

I had to laugh as she was complaining that it took her over an hour to apply the SOG and after all that, she just went back to regular polish.
They don't come to us for the service...they come to us for the therapy!!!
(01-09-2012, 05:31 PM)PrecisionNails Wrote: I must be one of the few manicurists who doesn't use/offer SOG . . . no worries :wink:

Jaime, I have the product , but it's not something that I advertise and only offer if someone wants to know if I do Shellac (which I refuse to spend money on).

My client base is 99% enhancements, so I'm not too worried about those DIY people. Besides as someone else pointed out ( I think it was Donna) If they can't polish their dominant hand,then they won't be able to figure out how to use the SOG either.
Recently I was in Sally's and when I mentioned that as a Licensed tech, I wasn't happy with the fact that Gelish was being sold there, the sales girl told me that for every one they sold, they had two returns. There really is a "learning curve" to using these products that most people don't understand. They get frustrated and either return the product or just don't use it anymore. In our small town, I know for sure that two gals got Shellac and a light from the local "professionals" only store and are doing gel polish services at very reduced rates in their homes and one at the local dance studio. I am VERY frustrated, but, as one of the stylists I know says,,,it's going to be liked box hair dye. They are going to come to us to fix their mess and then we get to be the hero. It really was only a matter of time....

Little Nonna
Remember: God puts us where he wants us to be.
There's been some great comments in this thread, but all i have to say about DIY kits is pretty much on par with what others are saying. It's all about the skill--and for some clients--like someone else said--the therapy! I know for a fact that none of my clients can do a french like i do a french. Period. There is no way they can lay down a perfect dark color polish (fedora or the like) without spending an hour & 1/2. And thats just the left hand! Smile Same goes for pedis. It's almost physically impossible and would take a girl 2hrs of bending over on the floor contorted into crazy positions trying to do the amount of detailed work i do on the feet, nails, and cuticles, not to mention that perfect sharp thin french line without a single drop of white smudged on the skin. I agree with the person who said these diy's are just an invitation for when they get tired of spending 3 hours and want a professional, perfect job--those kits will get thrown under the bathroom sink quicker than you can say "how do i clean all this off my cuticles?" LOL Smile

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