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which method do you use to apply acrylic?
Which method is easier to apply acylic nails? Reverse method, one ball method for non pink and white nails, four ball method for both regular and pink and white nails. In school we were taught the one ball method although our book used three balls( I think) I also learned to use the q french for pink and white both ways and I attended a Tammy Taylor class and learned the four ball method. Do you think one method is easier? I am going to start doing acylics at work soon and am practicising daily but it seems like they are either to thick (one ball) or too thin(four ball) I can't seem to get them just right. Any thoughts suggestions help would be appreciated. TIA.
I use the TT method. Work with the practice sheet to know where to place your balls. That can make a difference in the thickness of the nail.
Always be get farther.
Thank you. I am using those and the plastic fingers. I will be using one of our hairstylists and front desk girls as well as my daughter starting next week. one of the other nail tech thinks I need a human hand so as I do fills I can see my mistakes. We will see how it works.

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