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Young Nails jumped into the mass retail ring.
Quote:Gel polish is not as easy as it looks!

Well, according to Young Nails' new ad, it is. Big Grin After all, anyone at home can do it now - *lol*

Their marketing was always a turn off for me (two guys hamming it up and shouting it's all about youuuuuuuuuuu *gag*) and their drill techniques on the natural nail were huge red flag (who's the fool here?) but nail manufacturers are not suffering in the current economy. That is an excuse that they use a lot but it's simply not true. Young Nails is turning over quite a nice bit of pie in terms of revenue.
The target market is not your customer. The target market is not the person that frequents salons for nail services it is the do it yourselfer. They are not your customer now, have not ben in the past and will not be in the future.

well it was bound to happen but after spending a crapload of money for their owc in was about selling points, business ideas and ect. not just nails and nail art.. we were taught ideas how maniQ will bring new clients to you, greg even told us a story about a lady who supported her family while her husband was out of work by adding maniQ and how to remove maniQ and charge for this service, maniQ was added so it would bring those people in that "were not our clients in the past or will ever be in the future" just like budwieser added lime to their beer to get people who didn't like the taste of beer to start buying their beer. now.... since the point was to add a new service i guess it won't be needed since the new kit even advertises that you don't even have to go to the salon to have it removed. I make a lot of extra money with maniQ, the word spread around quickly and rockstar toes is a big seller, guess new and even some old clients will be able to do this at home. thx
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young nails
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