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looking for a strong lavender scented pedi soak
I am in search a lavender foot soak that you can smell. I am not sure if i should use essential oils or is there an already made soak out there that is really nice and relaxing. I want the room to smell like lavender!Not all products smell like lavender.
Also, can you recommend a great lavender foot scrub.
Thanks so much
Have you tried the Cuccio Lavender and Lemongrass? It smells awesome.
I will check that out tomorrow at our local Beauty Supply. They do carry Cuccio.
If you don't mind using epsom salts for a soak, they make a lavender scented that is nice. It also makes a good scrub, just add a bit of grapeseed oil to give it slip.
Always be get farther.
OMG! Just bought it at Harmons and even got to use a coupon. I didn't buy the store brand, I got the Dr something brand,it smells great in the bag. Can't wait to try it! It does mention people with high blood pressure shouldn't use it? WOndering if that is just a precaution but can't really hurt anyone. Not sure.
Sillysoup, I just got home from a doctor's appointment, and I asked her about this. She said that years ago when we didn't have all the meds we do today, people had basically 3 products to relieve big time "stomach upsets". A chocolate tablet, a gum form, and Epsom Salts. Of course, you wouldn't consume a lavender scented salts, but anyway. Epsom salts is sodium- sodium causes high blood pressure problems. As far as soaking in it or using it as a scrub, there is nothing wrong in doing that. She did say that salts could dry the skin if you soak too long and recommended about 10 minutes. I hope this helps you.
Always be get farther.
I'm not familiar with Harman's. Is it a supplier or a "regular" store? I'm very interested in lavendar scented epsom salts. Love using salts in my pedi baths, and having them smell good...well...what more can a person want?? lol
Debbie in VA
I use epsom salts and a squirt of a lavender massage oil in my water. It smells great. I also combine a lotion with some of the oil for the massage. I did find lavender scented epsom salts at a pharmacy, so I also use that. My clients love it.
I found them at Fred's. It's a smaller store similar to Walmart....more homey.
Always be get farther.
TN NAIL LADY- Thank you, that was so sweet of you to ask your DR. Vey helpful info.
ebbieday-You can also purchase it in CVS or Walgreens.
idkwidk-Love the oil idea.(is it the lavender baby oil?) Does it make the tub slippery?
The lavender epson is nice but the smell dissappears quickly. I think the oil will last longer.
Dr G's also has a lavender bath soak. I saw it in Kmart. It says low foaming. I will give that try.

Lavender can be so relaxing but scents can vary immensely depending on what it is paired with.

Premier nail source sells Lavender foot soak, gel scrub, cream scrub, and a mask. I was a die hard CND pedicure line girl until I tried this product. I have since switched and never looked back.

The Spa Redi Pedi line uses quality ingredients and is (very) economical. I buy this line in bulk sizes. The lavender fragrance lingers throughout my entire one hour pedi service. aslo sells the Spa Redi Pedi line. They have the sugar scrub.

I know you asked about lavender scent but Premier also sella a spa basix peppermint line in 8 oz sizes at $2.95 each. I ordered one of each to see what the product was like to work with and those samples got me hooked on their products.

From time to time Premier will offer a free sample from the Nouveau Spa Tropical Twist Natural collection. I tried a kit. It is nice too. Same quality ingredients with a yummy tropical scent.

I use Cuccio lavendar and lemongrass salt scrub and butter for my manicures. The scent does not last as long but my clients like the feel of the butter.

I use lavender fizz balls for my soak. When the ball has dissolved I remove both hands and begin my manicure service.

I love lavender! Big Grin


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