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christmas gift...
just wondering if anyone got nail products as gifts...if so what? please post your nail related gifts.

wondering cuz i got all young nail imagination art collections..woo hoo!!
thank you santaSmile
Lucky you!!
My daughter Katie got the Gelish Aurora collection, Light Elegance's Funky Fabulous glitter gel and Crystal Nails cover pink crystal and diamond acrylic. She's lucky to have a nail tech mom. Santa brought me a Gelish 18G lamp. The Grinch will send me the Visa bill for all of the above next month, but we will have fun AND be productive in the mean time!
I bought myself a Valentino for Christmas.
I bought myself a black Sears Craftsman heavy duty double stacked tool box on rollers to store all of my nail stuff.

My kids and husband thought I was crazy and said that it would look stupid in the salon. But truthfullly it doesn't look too bad. Has lots of drawers of different sizes for some great organization.

I went back to a different Sears tonight to buy some liner for the box, and they had the most awesome "Pink Tool Box" on display. Just the absolute cutest thing you've ever seen. I couldn't believe how perfect it was for nail stuff. Even my husband was so disappointed that we did not see this one before the one we purchased. It also came in a really cool lime green color and the quality of the pieces were very, very nice. Oh well, my boring black bling box will have to suffice!!
My son and his girlfriend bought me a new NSI Ultra Pro UV lamp, my old lamp was not a NSI lamp and it was needing to go to UV lamp heavenSmile

Of course I also get to keep the receipt to claim on tax tooSmile

So with the money I saved by the salon not having to purchase the new lamp, I was able to stock up on other products like some new colors of Polish Pro, some new Technail acrylic glitters, some new Technail acrylic colors, more cracked ice colors and some new tools.

So overall, I was very happy this Christmas I will admit.

Now I have to work out how to pack it all to safely travel interstate with it all next week. I have to send all my liquids via road post due to regulations here in Australia and the rest will come with me on my flight. I will have to keep myself in check or I will take everythingSmile My darling mother has lined up the entire neighborhood to have their nails done with the new stuff called Gel Polish (they have never heard of it where she lives in a small place). It was funny listening to her and how she was telling me how she told everyone about it, like it was just released and really really new stuff but I know it's not and it's old news really. So much for a holidaySmile
I got 30 new glitters from my (as of now) favorite sibling! of course, he is now my clients' favorite sibling too.
thanks for posting!! sound like a sweet xmas to me....have a great new year!!
I bought new glitters from my girlfriend. here i have some new ideas here..

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