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gel polish question
I have been hearing and reading on this board about gel polish, can someone educate me on this product of how it works?, how much is it? how many lines does come in? how much do I charge per service? and how do you apply it :?
Just about every major nail co. now has their own gel polish line. It's pretty easy to use, goes on very much like nail polish. I'm late to jump on the wagon but I'm catching up fast!

You'll need a 9 watt tunnel for best results. I started with Gelish then tried some other brands based on what I read on this forum. Check out under gel polishes, they carry a lot of the different brands in one place, they carry TWELVE different brands. IBD Just Gel Polish has some great prices right now, and I really like how they go on.

Hint: there can a be a slight learning curve so before you offer it, test it on a convenient guinea pig at your salon. I gave a discount to a good client who didn't want to wear enhancements anymore so she would be my quinea pig. She was my first and has already been back in to have it soaked off and reapplied. The other two are stylists, one with short weak nails, the other with awesome nails. The one with strong nails is doing great, the lady with soft nails says she can FEEL the nail bending but the polish is holding and not flaking off!! Big Grin
I would check with your local supply house to see what they carry Smile I use shellac, IBD and Gelish, shellac really does need the CND($$) to work the best, but the other two work just fine with a generic UV tunnel lamp. Most UV tunnel lamps are 36 watts, with four 9 watt bulbs. I got the PNI rapidcure lamp from premiere nail source right out of school and it's a great lamp for the price, I still use it on occasion.
They work pretty much the same as regular nail polish, you just "dry" it in a UV lamp instead of waiting, and because they're dry as soon as you complete the service, your client can't mess their nails up!
Some companies package it in a traditional polish bottle, but some of them package them in little "pots", so make sure you get a gel brush if that's the type you end up trying!
You'll need a gel polish base coat, color coat (the actual gel polish polish) and a gel polish top coat.
you'll prep the nail, put on the base coat, cure the nails in the UV lamp for (approximately, it varies by brand) for 2 minutes, apply the first color coat, cure, second coat, cure, apply top coat, cure and then wipe the top coat down with isopropyl alcohol (if necessary).
Every company has some little variation of that process, but they're all fairly similar, and you can usually find a video walk through on the company's website Big Grin
Shellac is the most expensive line, at $16/quarter ounce bottle, for comparison, IBD is around $14/half ounce bottle. I charge $20 for the service, which is competitive for my area, but you'll have to see what other salons nearby advertise for the same service.
The supply house will tell you that you should charge 50% more than a regular manicure for the service, but I honestly would never get anyone to agree to pay $37.50 for gel polish in my area.

Just catching up here.. I have a very nice article that explains the new gel polishes and the difference between it and the other types of gels available.
Gel Types - Descriptions
Are you confused about the different types of gels available? A guide to the different type of professional gels
Lorraine, webgirl
eco Soak Off UV Gel Polish No Solvents, Double the Size - Same Price!
Cinapro Nail Creations - New Art Kits!
Cuccio Natural - Enhance the Spa Experience
Free Shipping on all orders over $75
As said above it is very easy to apply it, like nail polish and I think almost all nail lines have it can browse on different nail brands' site to check out..

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