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What would you do?
Quote:Im not offended by what you say, but i do wonder why you, as a nail tech, arent worried about other salons who do this to people? We have every right to have this situation looked into.

I'm glad you aren't offended as that is not the intention I have when posting in this thread.

Again, Colleen, you are making assumptions. I have already stated that I am not opposed to reporting people. As I have said more than once, you need concrete proof in order to do so. Yes, absolutely you have a right to have a potentially dangerous situation looked into but in order to avail yourself of that right you must adhere to the obligation behind it....which is to ensure you have the right person, right information and the right evidence.

Quote:Yes, she IS an uneducated idiot and I don't mind saying it

Well I don't mind you saying it either *lol* But that doesn't make it true. It's still hearsay. But trashing another nail tech, especially with nothing to back it up with, makes you look like...well it makes you look bad.

Quote:Have you ever had your natural nail filed down with a sanding band in an attempt to remove a green spot? And when that didn't work made to soak the now-irritated area in pure bleach? Do you think that's ok to do?

Colleen, I think I've made myself clear about what I think about poor performing nail techs. But to say it again, in case the last few times were misunderstood, no, I don't think it's okay to do. That kinda goes without saying. But that doesn't mean I go around accusing people of doing those things when I have absolutely no proof that they are doing them.

Quote:The best part is that they now come to me and are so scared of the electric file that they jump every time it comes near them, making my job that much more difficult. This is what needs to stop. This is why reports need to be filed.

No, that is why you think reports need to be filed. Spurred on by third parties, you have taken it upon yourself to apportion blame to an as yet untested practitioner with unfounded allegations. Your job is only made difficult because these clients of yours aren't doing their own legwork and are stupid enough to allow them to be subjected to this apparent bad practice in the first place. By involving you, such action places you and your business in danger. I'm perplexed as to why they need you to hold their hand on this.

And I'm wondering why this concept is so difficult to understand.

As this issue has pretty much run its course I have made my final comment on this. Good luck and let us know how you go with it.

Big Grin
Ran its course a looooooong time ago.
Gotcha Toothy. A few points:
Ive said twice that I've met this woman and know for a fact that she is an uneducated idiot.
I see no harm in helping my "stupid" clients. I hope you have no "stupid" clients come your way asking for help. God forbid!
Sooooo...again, I'm gonna handle it. k? thanks.
ColleenNY :
> Gotcha Toothy. A few points:
> Ive said twice that I've met this woman and know for a fact that she is an
> uneducated idiot.
> I see no harm in helping my "stupid" clients. I hope you have no "stupid" clients
> come your way asking for help. God forbid!
> Sooooo...again, I'm gonna handle it. k? thanks.

I'd love to know where you get with this!

We have two "chop shops" located near me that I constantly hear complaints about - all I can do is educate the people who DO come to me.
Since they de-regulated the industry here, you don't have to be licensed to practice. (hair, nails or esthetics)

I'm curious to see how your state deals with it!
I'm going to make a few comments on this particular thread then I am going back into my corner..

You ladies in AU have no licensing, from all reports, many of your techs are self taught and doing poor/harmful work. You have really almost no one to complain to, and there is nothing much that can be done if you do.

Here in the states we have boards for a reason, not to protect us as techs but for the consumers protection. As I stated earlier, many states do accept a complaint on behalf of the consumer BY THE OBSERVING technician. This for instance would be one scenario:
A new client comes in, her cuticle soft tissue area is red, enflamed on some or all nails. There is very obvious rings of fire marks. The new tech starts asking a few questions and BECAUSE OF OUR TRAINING, we absolutely realize this consumer is an example of the work coming from the other shop that is harming the consumer and putting her health at risk.

It is actually our personal, professional and MORAL responsibility to let the state governing agency know there is the potential for consumer harm coming from that shop/technician. It is a widely known fact here in the US we do not have enough inspectors (a whole 'nuther conversation) and if the state governing agency is not informed they can't investigate. That is all Colleen proposes to do.. not take an ad in the local newspaper proclaiming the tech is doing shoddy work, that she has been reported, or even the fact she might really be ignorant and incompetent. It is simply and nothing more than being a pseudo inspector - something MANY states actually welcome. The reporting tech does NOT need concrete evidence, her proper training and visual inspection of the nails, a conversation with the consumer is more than sufficient for most states that do accept peer complaints. If the state does not accept peer complaints (shame on them), the consumer should be strongly urged to file with the state governing agency

IF Colleen was hanging a sign in her window, sending notice to the newspaper or TV, protesting in front of the ignorant tech's place of business, posting her info to FB or the like, blaring her name, address or phone number here, then yes I would agree there is an opening.. HUGE GAPING opening for salnar/defamation issues.. but that is not what is going on.. I would NEVER recommend ANYONE to file a report to the state if it would put the reporting technician in jeopardy in any way. Colleen is being extremely discrete about the other tech's info, actually PROTECTING her from any slander/defamation issues.

ANY technician who is putting the consumer in harms way, putting the consumers health at risk IS IGNORANT. We have laws here and they are not being followed by a certain % of shops/techs. Consumers are stupid, they only see the $8 sign in the window.. they are crying in pain from the enhancements being ripped off, drilling into their nail beds and STAY THERE AND ALLOW THE SERVICE TO CONTINUE.. if that's not stupid I don't know what is.

Nuf said.. this thread is closed.
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