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Best gifts from clients this year.
I have some of the most generous clients, I am very blessed this time of year. I am pooped already and it's just the beginning of the week. But I wanted to start a topic so we can share our thanks for our clients and brag if you will about what we were given this year. From the simple to the elaborate each thing is special.
I Recieved $200 cash from my best client who thinks of me as her bonus daughter. I love her and she shows how important I am to her, with her visits, gifts and kindness.
$60 from another who always includes a cute card about how I should use the money towards my next tattoo. I always do.
I opened the cutest little wool mittens ornament filled with yummy tofee candy.
A card with a letter only. A beautiful story about how I affect their life.
A hug and a thank you. Means the world.
How about you guys?
I cant be the only one?
I'm still in school and we don't have very many repeats. Our clients are new every week. But I did have a great time putting penguins and snowflakes on some of the girls today. Big Grin
This year I asked my clients bring in donations for the local Animal shelter instead of buying me gifts. I am amazed at the generosity that people have shown with this! Bags and bags and bags of supplies, food, toys, you name it, and lots of money and gift cards for the shelter. My clients love that I'm doing this and I've found that most people who don't normally give me gifts are donating this year. I'll continue to do it every year now. It makes everyone feel good and it's for a good cause!!!

(Peggy - I love that your customers love you that much. You deserve it! Enjoy!!!)
One client knitted me a scarf. Several clients are kitchen queens and make wonderful goodies.
Always be get farther.
So far, 2 gift cards, fantastic assortment of homemade cheesecake bites with my fave being the New York style cheesecake dipped in semi-sweet chocolate, an unique hummingbird feeder, and earrings. I used to get quite a bit of money but with the economy the way it is, people are really hanging on to that stuff, can't say I blame them! A thoughtful client brought me 2 breakfast bagels yesterday, and received a cute Christmas condiment bowl complete with a spreading knife.
I'll update this later........
I love home made goodies. I am dieting though so they know not to bring food this year. I am always surprised to see money, it's no less than $25 even in GC form. I have the one to Starbucks. Mmm. Going there in a few, and the one to target. Yay, shopping. I counted the cash gifts since I hide them in the jar, $420
Sobeit....what a great idea! beats getting some of those lame gifts you might receive. my friend who was a teacher got the most strange gifts from her students....she could write a book! Happy Holidays to all....
Im not in a salon yet but at my day job i got a very nice jingle bell ornament from one of the other admins. so nice she said its for me always pulling the slack and being here everyday. How nice i didnt expect anything considering im the only one in the office these last 2 days lol!!!
Mitchele Sheree Hunt
CND Master Painter
I just Recieved a beautiful card with a friendship letter, and a $50 GC to Amazon. Big Grin Like I said, very blessed.
I have a husband and wife that are in there 70's, the wife comes in weekly and hubby every two weeks. They gave me an envelope with $20 in it, which was very sweet, because they are not tippers...(not a big deal since they are booked til JUNE) after I completed the hubbys mani he asked if his wife had given me my xmas gift and I said yes, as wifey wandered down the hall hubby snuck back in and handed me another $20, and said dont tell anyone, this ones from me kid, and gave me a kiss on the head and a big hug....AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW
It's very rewarding just to know your appreciated and not "just the nail lady". Money and gifts are sweet gestures, but I will take a hug and love any day.
I have received several cash gifts, Starbucks goodies, Alaskan Salmon, some hand made items, and many clients who expressed their appreciation of what I do for them! I am feeling much appreciated and grateful for such a wonderful client list!
Nail Tech/Owner
Received a wonderuful smelling candle, two nice scarves and a gift card to a local yogurt shop......yum!!
I love giving and getting hugs. Best gifts ever!
Big Grin my work week is over, the snow storm predicted here had clients reschedule for today so we could beat the weather. I will relax tomorrow and have a minor surgery Friday to remove severely atypical cells from my lower leg. Sad They are gonna jack my tattoo, but beats the cells morphing into melanoma. I scheduled it so I would have more time off, and get out of washing my mother in laws china on Christmas day. Cant stand that long with a huge stitched wound. Ick like an inch diameter being removed.
So my gift receiving is over. I am very spoiled I think. Only once a year though. I am very thrille to know how I help my clients, new and loyal for years.
Hope everything goes well, Peggy!
Good luck, Peggy. I hope it goes well and that you have nothing to worry about after it's gone. Then fix the tattoo! Smile
Thanks guys. I will be just fine. Sore, swollen, stitched, and milking it. Haha. I hate doing her dishes, so I am psyched to get out of it, even if it hurts to do so. Does that make me bad? Eh, I dont care. Ha.
I won't be able to fix the tattoo, it will just be a story to tell. I don't think it's a good idea to cover an area that has the cells, even after its clear, just in case. My mole was actually a little light brown freckle to begin with. Turned black, but stayed small. And I have been told you cannot tattoo over scar tissue. Sigh, oh well right?
I am like MitcheleSheree not in a salon yet, so just presents that hubby gives me when he feels generous :lol: .

Wishing you the best Peggy! Big Grin
I don't think you are bad Peggy! Rest up and milk it!!
Hope all goes well Peggy. Keep us posted! (hugs!)
Best gift 100.00 bill. My clients are so generous and have been coming forever.
I've had a crappy year and they know it. I made beaded bookmarks for them that maybe cost me a buck or two but they were really nice..

so grateful!

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